That dream you have in your head that you don’t say out loud for fear that people will laugh at you? Yep, that one. I don’t think it really matters what it is. I think you could do it.

I know that if it scares you, then it is probably a challenge worthy of your attention. If it scares you, it probably means something to you. If people aren’t going to laugh at you when you say it out loud, maybe it’s not big enough. No matter what it is, it is within your capability to achieve it.

It’s not just going to happen. It does require something of you. It requires you to take steps and leaps and bounds. It requires you to increase your abilities. It requires a whole lot from you. It requires you to set aside doubts. Like you are too old, too weak, not talented enough or not capable enough. It will require you to accept failure as a teacher. It will require you to invest yourself in it.

It will give something back to you as well. When you achieve that crazy dream, the journey will have meant more than you ever could have possibly imagined. It will have taught you that the crazy dream, the one you were afraid to say out loud was nowhere near big enough. You’ve got more.

That’s the magic of it. There’s always more.

And that dream? That big scary one? One day it will be just something you did once and the distance from it will make it seem easy and almost inconsequential. But the journey, that will stay with you for your whole life – your constant companion.

Maybe you still don’t want to say what that big dream is out loud. You don’t have to. You can just go out and get it.

Zoey Dowling

Written by: operationmove

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  1. Zoey Dowling

    Zoey how do you always seem to post what I need to read just when I need to read it?? Love it x