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And if you are thinking hang on aren’t they ALL SPEED SESSIONS? But true speed development is very different from speed work. Things like tempos and intervals are great to improve your speed and endurance and stamina – but to get faster you also need to work on your absolute top speed – which is done over much shorter distances. Which is why for speed development you actually rest between the repeats, rather than walking or jogging your recoveries. It’s great if you can do this somewhere you won’t be bothered by traffic or hills. I do most of my repeats either around a large block which is pretty level or on the path in the park. It helps to remove as many variables as you can!

People often talk about building an aerobic base, but building your top speed is just as important. The main thing to remember is that your running form on an easy run and your running form on a sprint should be exactly the same. Resist the temptation to lengthen your stride and aim for quicker foot turnover instead.

Happy Running!

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Zoey Dowling

Written by: Zoey Dowling

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