WOW - Breakthrough

This week’s workout is all about digging deep and finding some speed when you are fatigued. You want to think of everything as just a bit of an increase in effort –

Easy Running: 70% Effort
Steady Running: 75% effort
Tempo (Aerobic Threshold): 85% effort
Threshold (Anaerobic Threshold): 90% effort
As Fast As You can (Anaerobic Capacity): 95%+

To get an idea of the pacing, if you have a 5k PB of 30:00 the paces would look like this:

Easy: 7:15 min/km
Steady: 6:45 min/km
Tempo: 6:15 min/km
Threshold: 5:45 min/km
Capacity: 5:15 min/km

This will differ for everyone, but it will help to give you an idea. You don’t need to be pedantic about it, just make sure that you are increasing your effort level for each interval.

Happy Running!

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Written by: Zoey Dowling

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