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This is a review for Yurbuds Inspire Pro.

I run with music. It’s a personal thing that started because I didn’t want to hear my breathing as I struggled around the block.

But then I got hooked on what a powerful motivator music is to me. The first few bars of Back in Black will always get me moving, no matter how dark or how cold it is outside.

Pharrell, Kings of Leon, Robyn, Beyonce, Calvin Harris and more – finding music to run to hasn’t been the challenge, it has been finding the headphones.

Small ears, sweaty ears, wanting to hear traffic but still hear Kelly telling me to ‘work it’. Wanting something light, a pair that wont fall out, something that looks good.

I don’t ask for much really, do I?

Then after trying many pairs that let me down, my love affair with Yurbuds began and that is why I jumped at the chance to try the Yurbud Inspire with microphone and volume control.

Designed with women in mind, the headphones are smaller and have the huge selling point of Twist Lock technology, which is guaranteed never to fall out.

Other selling points are the soft silicone material used for a comfortable fit, the sweat resistant dry-mic and, sweat and germ resistant inserts, the colours are fabulous and my favourite feature…… the inserts come in 2 sizes, sizes that actually fit well for my delicate feminine ears 😉

Over the past three days I have done two runs and about 20 very sweaty kilometres (Melbourne you have been a very sultry companion this week) and no, there was no budging and no slipping. Not once. I put the Yurbuds in, screwed them into position and that’s where they stayed.

The volume control was easy to use once I worked out where it was and the cords could also be clipped into place with an additional, removable clasp.

Because of the inbuilt mic I have also been testing the Inspire Pro on phone calls and I’m giving them a massive thumbs up. The sound is clear as is the microphone.

It’s always nice to test products that have been sent to you. However I have been a Yurbud fan for a while now and have to admit I am up to three colours. Testing the Inspire Pro has been a pleasure and I will continue to be a loyal fan.

Emily’s aim is karaoke her way through 4 half marathons this year wearing her OpMove top with pride each time. She also talks a bit of bollocks over at Mrs Sabbatical.

To win your very own pair of Yurbuds Inspire Pro valued at up to $89.99, simply use the from below and leave a comment telling us your fave tune to move to. Good luck!


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Zoey Dowling

Written by: operationmove

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  1. Great read Emily. Id love to test these out myself. Long runs and earphones falling out is annoying

  2. Zoey Dowling

    Yay! What a good giveaway! My favourite tune to move to at the moment is "Miss you less, see you more" by Faithless. (an oldie but a goodie)

  3. Lately I've been grooving on the Cross trainer to a song called Hard Biscuit by Pnau. Also love me a bit of Faith no More while weight training!

  4. I LOVE listening to music while running (or doing any training). Im currently trying to put together my perfect playlist for my first marathon next weekend. My favourite tunes change, but at the moment the album that is motivating me most is (Ministry of Sound) Running Trax Summer 2014 (cant narrow it down!).

  5. I don't listen to music whilst running, the beat is always wrong. But I have knocked over dozens of novels (via Audible.com.au) this summer running (and walking) along Beach Rd. I've also killed 3 pairs of apple earphones, so I think I need some yurbuds.

  6. Couldn't do the running thing without my tunes! Love me a bit of Darius Rucker 'Wagon Wheel'

  7. Music seems to keep me going, which I need as I'm just starting to run. I love David Bowie's Modern Love (from Let's Dance album) which lets my reminisce about the 80s and keeps the legs moving.

  8. I love listening to my 'adult' music when I'm running, rather than The Wiggles or the Frozen soundtrack that dominates our car trips. My favourite at the moment is Swing by Joel Fletcher and Savage. Anything with a beat gets me bopping.

  9. Zoey Dowling

    Another vote for swing by joel fletcher! The beat is absolutely perfect for my pace and I love it!

  10. I haven't been listening to any music lately while running because my earphones keep falling out!

  11. I don't always listen to music when I run, but when i do it's Rob Zombie's Demon Speeding. Running is my outket for pent-up emotion and/or frustration, I'd love some earphones that don't add to my frustrations!

  12. Zoey Dowling

    I love my yurbuds but I have ones with no volume control so would love to upgrade! I have a couple of fave tracks to run to but the Blues Brothers "Everybody needs somebody" is just right for this beginner runner to pace herself. The worst track I ever ran to was Fat Boy Slim Rockerfeller Skank. Mainly because it was too long! Not good when I was thinking "I'll just run to the end of the next song"! ;)

  13. I have actually been loving 30 Seconds to Mars when running! I wasn't listening to music during my runs for a long time, but then I started running longer distances and find that music helps me through that!

  14. I love to listen to tracks that change pace, I often make up my own playlists to suit my run..Love Black Betty starts steady and gets faster....wahoo.

  15. I have only recently started the joys of walking and hopefully running. I have found the song 'swing' is my motivator at the moment. I can't wait to finish my walk/run playlist.

  16. David Bowie's Heroes really gets my pace up and gets me to go that extra mile

  17. I love 'Move Your Body' by Beyonce ft Swizz Beatz. Makes me move every time!

  18. I love music of all kinds, wether running, doing the house work or on the computer I always have music of some sort in my ears. I really like Jonh Butler trio and also enjoy lots of the latest tunes like ROAR by Katy Perry. Ear buds are my savior >

  19. Pink, she's always on my playlists when I move. And AC/DC always finds a spot too. Although, music is my sanity keeper, so it's always on. My running/walking tunes are usually whatever my tunes of the moment are... because there is always music on around here! MC. AKA: D.L-L.

  20. I love 80s power ballads the most. I can't explain it but they get me moving.

  21. My favourite motivating song at the moment is Bruno Mars, Locked Out of Heaven

  22. It's a bit cliche but one of my favourite songs to move to is Survivors Eye of the Tiger. Never fails to make me reach a little bit deeper!