Having spent most of 2013 discovering the joy of running, my 10 year old son was very keen that I also rediscover the joy of bike riding; something I hadn’t done since I was around his age.

He is one of those kids that just lives on his bike. He is happiest flying along at breakneck speed with the wind in his, um, helmet. My 8 year old daughter had never mastered the art of riding (although our younger two love it) and I realised that the best way to help her find that confidence was to get out there and try it myself.

What do you know, riding is awesome! Sure my bum hurt like nothing else for days after my first real ride, and I’m still adjusting to the different muscles being used, but it is just so much fun! And a much more pleasant an activity on a hot day than running, in my experience so far.

The thing is when you have a household full of bike riders (which is of course excellent) that you also need a way to store those bikes. Whilst we live on acreage and have lots of space, I really like things to look neat and pretty as well. Then I was introduced to BikeRax.

Talk about ticking all my boxes!

With options for storing one, two or three bikes, BikeRax are beautiful, clever and functional. They are also an Australian business that manufacture here as well which is something I’m keen to support.



Assembly takes minutes from the flatpack BikeRax arrive in, and you’re then able to place it wherever you desire. We have ours under the verandah, but I can see it would also be a very handy setup in a smaller space within an apartment or similar.



Our TriRax currently houses my bike, my husband’s bike and my big girl’s bike just fits as well. The Rax aren’t actually designed to hold kids’ bikes, but this is something they are working on for release in the future so I will be watching out for those too!

Do you have issues with bike storage at your place? With thanks to Bikerax we are giving you the chance to win your choice of either a MiniRax, MidRax or TriRax. 

To enter, leave a comment telling us your most unique storage solution for Move related gear. Entry is open to residents of Australia and the competition is a game of skill. Entries close at 5pm Friday 10th January 2014. Winner must be a registered member of the Operation Move forums so be sure to join up for fitness related chat and support.

Really REALLY keen to win a BikeRax? We’re also giving one away over on our Facebook Page so be sure to enter there as well!

Happy Riding!

Zoey Dowling

Written by: operationmove

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  1. Our biggest storage issue at our house is ski gear. Living only minutes from a major ski hill this is just "one of the things that we do" and we have so. Much. Stuff. 5 pairs of skis (4 downhill and 1 cross country - those long skinny things), 4 sets of poles, 6 pairs of boots (coz of the hand me down dont quite fit yet ones), 5 helmets (same reason), a plethora of soft clothing plus all of the other bits and pieces that go with this sport. The skis are rigged up outside - using two metal hand rails screwed to the roof of the shed. One for each end. The skis fit in quite well. To make room for the skateboards, golf clubs and bikes underneath!

  2. We have a PVC bike rack that we made up. It works well when it doesn't fall apart (lol!!!) and it is great in the trailer when we take our bikes on holidays. But doesn't look very pretty. Would love one of these, they look so much more stylish than white plastic pipe! A double one would be fab!

  3. Zoey Dowling

    My running shoes get placed inside a big box with a picnic style basket over the top to protect them from a mischievous pup. Resistance bands are looped over the tops of curtain rods & I do mission impossible style surveillance of the clothes line if my running gear is on it.... not sure what I'm going to do about all the gear Ive got coning due to xmas online sale purchases :S

  4. My yoga mat lives in the car, on the off chance that I'll go to a yoga class. Which actually supplies yoga mats anyway. Go figure.

  5. Zoey Dowling

    I haven't figured out a storage system for my gear yet, and the bikes are everywhere but hubby did make a functional (if not pretty) scooter rack for the boys scooters. He looked at the Bikerax and said he could make one of those... umm.. yeah... sure sweetie ;)

  6. Rather than spread dangerously across the floor, I have hooks on the wall by the back door and my son's skateboards become a 'mural' of artwork!

  7. Our mountain bikes are squished together in top and tail fashion, then covered with a big barbeque cover that vecro's shut at the bottom.

  8. Cheap metal brackets we bought at Bunnings that are meant for wall mounting a broom when not in use, well anyway we've got them all in a line along the garage wall, where the bikes fit perfectly on them. Up off the ground and out of our way.

  9. I'd love some for the shed. I keep looking at our bikes laying all over the place and think these would be a great solution, easy to move to if we want to change the location of the bikes...preferably not right at my backdoor like they are right now.

  10. We live in the top end and with the high temperatures and torrential rains in the wet most things need to be stored inside where its cooler and dry. We have one spare room so you can imagine the things that need to be stored. Bikes , fishing rods and camping gear are 3 of the problem things to store. not done properly and they end up rusty, mouldy or damaged. This would help a lot with the bikes

  11. Our bikes and scooters (or I should say, the kids and the husbands bikes/scooters) are tossed in however they fit, under the lean to, that husband built. Our house is tiny, our block is tiny & there's really no-where else to store them. Which is a big pain in the bum actually, as when the kids need their bikes, I have to go out and untangle them all & you can guarantee the one I want is right on the bottom of the pile.

  12. we have rigged up and bolted a couple of pieces of wood to the shed floor..looks dodgy but works for us

  13. GET SMART IDEA. I got my idea from an old Get Smart episode on TV. Maxwell Smart opens the boot of his little red car and he has a number of suitcases to choose from. One is labelled a"Commando kit", another is a "Frogman Scuba Kit" and he chooses the "Honeymoon Kit" before approaching the door of an old hotel. I got numerous of Banana boxes from my local green grocer for free. They are thick water resistant cardboard, have lids and reinforced edges,ventilation holes and you can write on them. They are a standard size and make great storage boxes for wet or dry equipment I set theses boxes up in my garage. I have a one for beach stuff, camping, hiking, skiing, windsurfing and cycling equipment and many more I even have one for my dog (consisting water bottle, dry treats frisbee,etc). Depending on the trip and activities I load that box or a combination boxes into my car and I'm ready to go anywhere in under 10 minutes.