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You might already know that we are BIG fans of She Science here at Operation Move.

We love their belief that all women have the right to properly fitted, comfortable, supportive undergarments that gives them the freedom to move as much as they want. We feel pretty strongly about fitness being for all women too!


If you’d love the chance to WIN a Sports Bra and ‘Rundies’ pack valued at up to $120 to help you move in freedom and comfort, you can enter in three easy steps:

1. Enter your details in the form below.

2. Leave a comment telling us your funniest, most interesting or weirdest bra related moving story.

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* Entry is open to residents of Australia. The competition closes at 5pm Sunday August 31st. Winner will be notified by email within 48 hours of this time.

* This is a game of skill, chance plays no part in determining the winner.

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  1. Well, at the moment, to keep the girls contained, I smoosh them into a sports bra that is a size too small then put a crop over the top. This makes my cleavage pretty insane. Lets just say I was admiring the girls in the mirror at the gym and wasn't watching where I was going...

  2. I don't have a funny story. Just a need to start running again. Been out of action for several months due to breast cancer and treatment. Are at the end of treatment now, and want to start training again. A well fitted sports bra is a must!

  3. Oh boy. During body pump one day, I could feel my sports bra moving. I was moving from a clean and press to a dead row, leant forward and realised the clasp on my bra had broken and as I bent over I treated the instructor to a face full of boob. Since then, I've never worn a "baggy" shirt to the gym, so even if my bra fails my shirt will keep me covered.

  4. Despite wearing double sports bras, mine swing quite alarmingly!! High time I was properly fitted and into a great bra I think, esp after losing 17kg since starting running 8 months ago.

  5. When I was breastfeeding my second son, I had a massive sports bra wardrobe malfunction when my strap came undone while doing a step class! Opps, cue a mad dash to the loo to fix myself back up...

  6. I ran the Melbourne marathon when my daughter was 11 months old & my son 2. 200 metres from the finish line my son saw me & shouted "look at mummies big boobies". A flattering way to finish the marathon & clearly not a supportive enough bra :)

  7. I couldn't figure out why my back and boobs so sore from chafing halfway through my first half marathon a few years ago. I'd left my 14month old daughter for the first time to participate in the half and I had already experienced the indignity of trying to express milk in the airport loo to 'relieve the pain' This pain was different. It took until I got back to the hotel to shower for the quick flight home to realise that my bra (having been put on at 4am) was inside out. The sore back & boobs was from the clasp & all the stitching running. I had bra chafing scars for weeks!

  8. There is no funny story really just the pain of sneaking out of the house while hubby is watching footy and kids are happy building lego to find 2 minutes away that I didn't change me bra - but was NOT going back. I ran and held them - lucky it was a quiet afternoon where I lived.

  9. Whilst learning how to water ski I was wearing a sports bra and rash vest. The bra straps became unattached with the force of the water when trying to get up on the wakeboard. At the same time my old rashly had lost its elasticity and had ridden up...... Needless to say all on the lake got a nice view for 10secs!

  10. I bought what I thought was a fab new sports bra with a zip at the front and cooling fabric. The "fab" cooling fabric chaffed like anything - could wear a bra for a week.

  11. I once had an underwire pop out and poke hubby in the eye while we were 'exercising' !

  12. Not a funny story but running with two bras - the inner one being a smaller size. Guarantee nothing moves, and not the most comfortable way to run. Another time at the gym the shoulder strap on one side came undone resulting in one breast hanging lower than the other :/ awkward!

  13. I wouldn't need a great sports bra if I had the money for a boob reduction but seeing as I don't have said funds, I have to spend the little bit of money I do have on a good bra to stop them escaping and hurting when I run.

  14. I recently forgot my sports bra and had to run with my regular bra. My boobs kept popping out and the straps kept falling out. I ended up running the last k holding my boobs.

  15. I don't run much, and definitely not now since I am breastfeeding and my boobs hurt when I run!

  16. Not sure about funny. But after running my half marathon back in April I discovered a new place to get chafing!

  17. I studied in the nude for my Year 12 exams and got so sunburned I couldn't wear a bra to my exams or even to work for a week or more.. I looked like I had snake skin when it peeled. A lesson well learned.

  18. Apart from running I also love to play netball but after a serious shoulder injury I need to have my shoulder strapped before each game. One time after getting said shoulder strapped I slipped my netball dress back up and started my warm up. As we started running I noticed that one of my breasts seemed to be moving around a lot more than the other was really quite uncomfortable. After completing our warm up I asked one of my team mates to tighten my bra strap. You can imagine the laughter an d jokes that went around when my team mate said there isn't a strap there!! I'd missed putting my arm back into my bra strap after having my shoulder taped. Such a loser

  19. Okay so ill start off by confessing that Im not as fit as I used to be, but points for effort... I set off for a run only 1km, wanting to pace myself, only got to 250 metres and started having strong throbbing chest pains, honestly thought I was having a heart attack, rushed home and luckily my husband found the culprit... not my heart, just the underwire in my bra had set itself free and was stabbing me in the right side of my chest! How embarrassing...time for new bras!

  20. I have no funny story because I have no boobs! However they are getting bigger due to pregnancy so I definitely need something to support them :)

  21. I don't know about funny as embarrassing. I have "less" of a problem these days. Having lost some weight, I was out for a run when it started to teem down with rain. I was holding my phone and had no jacket or pockets. So I stuffed it in the ample space available left in my old sports bra. Then I got waved down by tourists asking for directions. So I reached for my phone to show them on Google Maps. Well, the look on their faces as I plunged my hand inside my bra.... Hmmmm.

  22. Upon finishing feeding my newborn baby about 3 years ago I got up from the couch in the shopping centre mall and held her to my chest and proceeded to walk down the escalator to my car in the parking lot. On my way there I noticed many stares of people toward me but I figured they were admiring my new baby. It wasn't until I strapped her into her capsule and got into the front seat that I realised my Breastfeeding bra was unhooked still, with my breast poking through the hole - on dislplay to all and sundry!

  23. If I cast my mind back it must have been the summer of 1993. Oh young love, the smell of jasmine wafting through the air marked with teenage second hand smoke. The familiar clink of another empty bottle of passion pop being knocked over and Ace of Base subliminally indicating that no one in fact wanted a baby going into the HSC. The cool kids chatted or got it on in the darkness. I had a brand new gorgeous bra it might have been a Willis one, I had perky boobs that have since gone, replaced with a sag that has now conjoined attractively with a muffin top. I was super keen to show my boyfriend this luscious purchase but had inadvertently neglected to take myself to the bathroom first, for the removal of a beauty item that was my only known method to inhibit any form of high-beaming. After a small while behind closed doors a drunk girlfriend who shall remain nameless tapped loudly on the door and yelled out "Gemma did you pull your nipple band aids off?". To which I died. In fact I think I may still be dead. #theend

  24. A friend visited from interstate a couple of weeks ago and, just after she'd left, early in the morning, I realised she'd left her good hairbrush behind. I ran down the road in my PJs yelling at her and cupping my wildly bouncing boobs. Of course, the yelling alerted all the neighbours. Not so much a bra story, as a no-bra story.

  25. Wearing a bustier for my wedding day, I was adjusting it so much on my wedding day that I barely made it through my vows without need of alteration.

  26. Well... I was once interviewing someone for a job, wearing a dress that buttoned up at the front, with a push up bra underneath. Unfortunately, the buttonholes on the dress had loosened and, unknown to me, the dress opened from the too down, revealing my ample cleavage to the interviewee and the rest of the panel. Not the greatest day.