For the last few months Katie and I have been testing out a few things from Hivita. I’ve talked to you about my epic winter lurgy avoidance here. Which has worked a charm and I’m only a few days shy of spring.

And taking a supplement for stress has got me thinking about stress in general. The truth is, me and stress have had a very close personal relationship for the last year. I’ve had big business changes and online trolling and about five million things outside my comfort zone. And it can become easy to feel like you are on high alert all the time. Which is not the way your body is mean to work at all.

Hivita-Stress-100-152x315The thing about stress is there is good stress and bad stress. Without stress of any kind you would probably never get anything done. A little bit of a deadline goes along way. But too much stress and you get nothing done. It becomes counter-productive and you are too overwhelmed to do anything. One of the great things about taking a supplement is that it’s not overwhelming at all. It’s probably the easiest thing you can do for stress. And it does amazing things to help your body do what it needs to do to cope during times of difficulty. And for someone like me who struggles with a lot of anxiety anyway, it doesn’t really have to be a difficult time for me to benefit from the extra support.

And that’s just it, isn’t it? It’s precisely the little things that can make all the difference in managing stress, nervous tension and little bits of anxiety that tend to pop up just when we don’t need them! So what are the benefits of something like Hivita Stress? There’s great benefit in anything that is going to boost your energy levels, elevate your mood, help you get better sleep and generally support your body to be in a place where you can do things that are going to get you away from bad stress. And once you are there, you can take my advice on some other little things that you can do that will help you as well.
1) Make a list and do the easiest things

Now, I know I’m normally hard things first type of person. But when you are struggling pick things that you know you can do and have the satisfaction of ticking off your list and get them out of your brain

2) Sleep

You aren’t achieving anything by staying up worrying over the things outside of your control. Give yourself permission to go to sleep and wake up ready to tackle the next day.

3) Tune out

If you aren’t going to get anything done anyway, you might as well do something that is going to refill your tank – for me that might be watching some movies and doing some crochet or baking and doing something with my hands.

4) Eat

Food is often the first thing that you leave behind as you dive into the stress potato chips and chocolate, but don’t underestimate how much some balanced nutrition is going to balance yourself and take down your stress levels.

5) Make a plan

Break down the things you need to do into bite size chunks and prioritise your list into things that are necessary, things that you need to do when you can and things that you don’t have to do for now.

6) Focus your attention on your biggest stressors

Working out what they are is the important thing. Once you know what they are, you can focus on putting things in place so they don’t stress you out as much. Sometimes that’s doing them first, or delegating them, or asking for help.

7) Don’t be so busy worrying about the next thing, that you don’t recognise your achievements

You know what can make you feel less stressed? Actually stopping to look at how much you are doing. So do that. Don’t get so focused on forging forward that you don’t recognise your own work.

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Zoey Dowling

Written by: Zoey Dowling

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