Once upon a time, about 15 months ago to be precise, a nearly 36 year old mother of four decided that it was probably time to get off her bum and take some responsibility for her extreme lack of fitness and energy.

She was a dedicated smoker, loved a drink and thought nothing of consuming a family block of chocolate of an evening.

That mother was me.

Today I am no longer a smoker (as of two months ago), but I still enjoy a glass of wine and chocolate is still my friend… I just have a better understanding of our relationship.


Operation Move began as a challenge on my blog, Kate Says Stuff, where people could commit to a certain number of moving minutes per month and be held accountable by themselves and the group. I assumed that like all my previous health kicks, it would fall by the wayside within a few months and everyone would forget about it.


What actually happened has changed my life forever.


15 months after I decided I wanted to get a bit fitter, I have run two half marathons and am running my third next week. I am riding a bike for the first time since childhood, and my kids could not be happier about it because we all get out there together. I schedule in time to move as a priority, because I now know the impact it has on my mental health as well as my physical health.

But more importantly, Operation Move grew from a few people commenting on my blog once a week to an active and engaged community. I met people who I may not have had anything to do with otherwise, among them people who I now consider some of my closest friends.


So here we are. Operation Move is growing wings and I could not be more excited. Together with my moving partner Zoey (who handles all the tech stuff, was the person who inspired me to start running in the first place and who makes me think I can do anything when I lose my nerve) we’d love to welcome you to our new site.

Each week we will have articles pertaining to all things moving from a range of people who are just like you. Maybe they just started walking a week ago, maybe they ran a marathon last month, maybe they are just thinking about getting started. If you might like to contribute an article please email kate@operationmove.com.au

Operation Move has never been about who can be the fastest or the strongest or the best; it is about finding what makes YOU feel great and having the support of other people who are on their own journeys of discovery as well.

Welcome. how can we help you find your stronger, happier self?



Zoey Dowling

Written by: operationmove

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  1. The best part about starting with once upon a time? Ending with lived happily ever after!

  2. Zoey Dowling

    I would still be sitting on the couch waiting for "one day" if it wasn't for Operation Move! You have brought together a wonderful community and now Zoey has given us a fantastic place to hang out :)

  3. Zoey Dowling

    All that in 15 months? You are amazing! Congratulations to you both on the opening of this gorgeous website. I'm so glad I've found a place in the operation move group. I honestly believe I would be back to my old self by now if it wasn't for the amazing support. Instead of sitting on the couch eating chips, I'm planning my last run for the month which will take me to 520 mins of moving. Mind blowing!

  4. this made me cry. You ladies are just so freaking awesome. Its been a privilege to be a part of the journey so far <3

  5. Great story Kate & great site. Looking forward to being part of the team :)

  6. Best group EVAH!! I've said it before and I'll say it again,I wouldn't be enjoying life nearly as much without you all