fly a kite country australia summer time


It is finally finally looking a bit like Summer where I live.

And by looking like Summer, I mean it has gone from sub 20 (centigrade) temps to a top of 40 in the coming week. Well played Australia, well played.

Of course as the mercury rises, the motivation to move can wane a little for a lot of us. It gets easier to say ‘oh I’ll do it later,’ or ‘it’s too hot today, maybe tomorrow,’. I know because I’ve spent most of my life dropping any and all fitness resolutions around this time of year, and returning to the couch with a vow to pick it up again in March. Surprise, it would be another New Years before I actually even thought about getting back off my bum.

So how can we work with the heat, and for many of us school kids on holidays as well?

The key for me has been flexibility, and including my kids. That has meant shorter distances and maybe not doing exactly what I’ve wanted when I’ve wanted, but a 3km pram walk is far better than no walk at all.

We’re getting out the door as early as possible in the morning during the week. I’ve been embracing a new routine which has lent itself to the moving-early cause beautifully, but if your house is populated by night owls and you solo parent at odd hours as I do, why not head out after dinner and enjoy the gorgeous evenings that follow a warm day? Hot tip: if you have little ones in a pram put them in their PJ’s and you may score the double bonus of sleeping babes on your return.

If you must move during the day, look at the option of casual gym use and jump on a treadmill for half an hour in air conditioned comfort.

And if you are still making excuses as to why you can’t go for a walk, I hate to tell you but the problem is not that you cannot get out for a walk. Just saying.


We’ve been loving keeping up with you all in the forums, and the photos across our social media have been fantastic! Don’t forget to be in the running for our weekly gift voucher from She Science you need to be registered with the group in the forum and hashtagging your photos #walk400 #operationmove. Don’t forget to email to register for your exclusive 20% discount from our friends at Rockwear as well!


This week we want to say congratulations to HEIDI who is our first weekly She Science Winner! Heidi has been so supportive in the forums and we love seeing her moving photos too.


So how about you? Is this the point where you usually slack off too? Is this the year that you will do what you committed to and just keep walking? You have a great team behind you!

“Out on the roads there is fitness and self-discovery and the persons we were destined to be..”

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Zoey Dowling

Written by: operationmove

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  1. I am loving the walking challenge, sometimes I put pressure in myself to run or do a set gym workout that I never end up finding the free time to fit in around the kids so I get frustrated & loose interest, but with walking there's no pressure and it's something we can all do together. It's reminded me to relax a bit and enjoy my surroundings more. Congratulations Heidi, your photos & updates have been so inspiring, very well deserved. xx

  2. Zoey Dowling

    Naww congrats beautiful Heidi!! I'm loving this challenge, it was perfect timing for me to get back to it!

  3. Zoey Dowling

    Go Heidi!! You've been doing so well. A very deserved winner! I'm loving the walking as well! It has really kept me going while I've been on holidays. I usually visit my Mum and sit on my butt for a week. This time I walked a total of 7k and we had 3 Park visits. My kids are loving it too!

  4. Zoey Dowling

    Hey that's me :D I'm a little amazed how quickly I racked up the minutes. I have the added bonus for my incentive to get out there with my nearly 6mth old pup Hank. He LOVES it just as much as me (if not more) & the best thing we've done is explore new tracks to start running on. :) thanks everyone for all your encouragement and support. I know each and every one of you can reach 400 too :)

  5. Nice work Heidi. Awesome effort. I've loved being part of this challenge. At 22 weeks preggers, I must admit, I am missing my running a little. Ok a lot. Thanks for all the motivation team :)

  6. Zoey Dowling

    Really happy to read that you have won the first prize - you give so much to the group :D I've been loving reading and seeing photos of all the walking that's been happening because of this challenge. I'm way behind but am keen to see if I can still make the 400 mins by the end of the month.

  7. I am so upset I was sick in the first week but maybe I needed the rest. Hoping to make up my minutes in the next few weeks. I am so inspired by all the walking going on!

  8. Go Heidi :) I am not going to stop! Where I am we're expected to have 40 and above until Sunday! It already thrown me about. But I was up at 6am to do 25minutes on the treadmill and have a quick shower before my baby woke up :) And last night I took mr7 for a bike ride (he rode I walked) and he was super excited when mummy jogged! That is until he had to catch up and by the end of it (3.9kms) he was so stuffed <3 Thanks so much op move and Jo H. Jo is my go to woman behind the scenes. I'm so glad I've got her to support me along with all you other lovely people :) x