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We’re at that stage of the month where many of our #walk400 participants will start to do one of two things;

1) They will realise that walking more is making them feel really good, and find ways to prioritise and keep going with it

2) They will quietly slip away from the group, and stop making the time for themselves.


Wisdom is that it takes three weeks to break a habit. As a 20 year smoker who quite last September I can tell you that isn’t always true, but let’s go with the idea that the converse IS true: that it takes three weeks to create a habit.

We’ve been walking for around three weeks now. Most of you who are new to moving will be at the crossroads where YOU decide the value of it within your life. You might be starting to see and feel the physical benefits (which increase greatly the longer you go on) and maybe you are reaping some emotional rewards as well.

But it is still easy to put yourself back at the bottom of the list. I know, I’ve spent a long time doing that too.

Here’s the thing that gets me out the door every morning right now, even when it is crazy hot… I am worth it.

That half hour of repetitive motion can be enough to set my mood for the entire day. I may walk out the door cranky at everyone but I’ve never walked back in feeling that way.

My family deserve a wife and Mum who is calm and happy and feels good about herself.

Your family does too.


Do you feel like you are embracing the moving habit? If you are finding it tricky, pop into the forums and yell out… we’ve all been there too and want to support your moving journey!

To help support this new fabulous habit of yours, we will be sharing two new challenges for February. Be sure to check in next weekend to find out more about those!

And congratulations Amy (Mrs Smyth) you’ve won our She Science gift voucher this week! Thanks for sharing such fabulous #walk400 photos and joining in the forums with us!


With just over a week to go, will you reach your 400 minutes?



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Zoey Dowling

Written by: operationmove

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  1. Congrats Amy :) Jo H is raving the praises of #shescience ! So they must be good :)

  2. Congrats Amy! Even though I've reached 400 I'll be continuing this week. This last week was a write off due to my ankle and crazy ridiculous days of 40+°c. School goes back soon and I'm aiming to get the kids back into the habit of walking to school.

  3. Zoey Dowling

    Congrats Amy!! I have a little bit of a crush on She Science haha I will reach my 400 walk minutes. I am feeling the motivation to walk fading just a little but I'm not going to stop. Must get the family back out now that the heat has gone and remember why it felt so good last week :)

    • Jo, I will be sure to remind you this week of how far you've come and how fantastic you're doing!! You even got Trav involved!!! Go You!!! x

      • Zoey Dowling

        Thanks you Ness! I'm waking Trav up soon so we can go for our first run together. That has helped the motivation come back a bit! We managed a walk to the park and home yesterday and went the long way both times! Our mindset really is changing!

  4. Zoey Dowling

    I am determined to amp things up this week now that it's not in the 40's. Also moving this week so a bit of respite from that will be good. Congratulations Amy!

  5. Zoey Dowling

    Congratulations Amy :) I think it will be a bit of close call getting to 400 mins walking but I'm determined to do it.

  6. Congratulations Amy. I've been walking most days and it's amazing how much better I feel while I'm out and about. I definitely walk back in feeling much better than when I left. I may not be seeing or feeling changes in my body, I'm definitely feeling them in my mind.

  7. Finding it harder now that i am back at work but im still going need to sit down and add up my minutes so far. And i have just commited myself to doing the Great illawarra walk which is 100km over 2 days!! Sadly its isnt this month so it wont count but its a goal and something to look forward to. And for a great cause.

    • Zoey Dowling

      That is a huge walk Haley! You'll have to let us know how you go

    • Zoey Dowling

      Wow Hayley that is an excellent goal to have. I'd love to do a really long distance walk like that.