“Truth, Beauty and a Picture of You” – No Aphrodisiac, The Whitlams


Of all the questions I get asked, I get asked about the Truth bracelet the most.

And I’ve been thinking about it as I do some final things on the new website and a lot of the photos are of Katie and I. She gave me the bracelet, and I wear it the most.

She got it for me because I always tell the truth, even when I’m not right. Until I figure out I’m not right and then I tell that truth.

Ages ago I was watching a crappy movie and someone was explaining what love is.

“Love is when you know the worst thing about someone and it’s still ok”

That’s what the bracelet means.

It means speak the truth, even if your voice breaks.

It means that it doesn’t matter how many times I make mistakes or falter or fuck up there is someone behind me. And she will tell me I’ve fucked up, but she won’t move.

And I draw great, impossible strength from that bracelet. Even when my voice breaks.

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Zoey Dowling

Written by: Zoey Dowling

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