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At the beginning of the year a lot of us start with some great goals and as life gets in the way a little bit it can be easy to let some of those things slide more than you’d like them to. The best antitode to that is a community to keep you going but there are lots of fun places to find community and I’ve joined up with a few of them!

How many kilometres can you move in 2015?

This is an idea for anyone. Not just for runners. Walking counts, cycling counts, swimming counts. Just a place for us to share some of our moving and see how far we can go in 2015.

Operation Move on Strava with Monthly Challenges

A whole lot of us are on Strava and Strava has great monthly challenges for cycling or running that you can join in to keep you motivated. And you can keep track of all the Operation Move people in our club.

Run Down Under – Operation Move Team

Run Down Under is shaping up to be highly addictive. There is a fee to join in but you do get a singlet. And you get to see yourself moving around a map of Australia based on how many km you do. I’m on my way to Bowral, right now. There’s also an Operation Move club there.

Weekly Chat – Operation Move Forum

Want to catch up for a bit of a chat with everyone else? Forum chat is on Wednesday’s at 8pm AEST and it’s great for a bit of a laugh, a bit of inspiration and a bit of kick up the bum when you need it.

2015 is shaping up to be a great year!

Operation Move Offers

Sign Up

We are now accepting registrations for February Learn to Run. Sign up now to get early access to the Facebook group and your coach.

Grab your discount

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Zoey Dowling

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  1. I just signed up for the run down under!