You get what you train for

For someone who has an absolute love of training, I certainly sign up and do things that I shouldn’t on a regular basis. Odd. And every time I do I come away with the same thing, while your general training and level of fitness might mean that you can complete an ultra/25km trail run, you probably shouldn’t.

Going into the Kurrawa 2 Duranbah run I knew that my body wasn’t quite there. It needed a period of nice easy kilometres to recover from two road marathons. But being the stubborn person that I am I didn’t listen even when an injury popped up to remind me that I should be recovering, not planning on running a 50km race. But every run is an adventure and it usually throws you a few lessons on the way.

1) You can do almost anything you set your mind to

It was pretty brutal. And I had to dig really deep to find that part of myself that is incapable of giving up but my mental strength on the day was enough to get me over the line.

2) Going 50km alone is a really long way

To be honest I’m not sure that I’d want to run that far on my own again. It’s a really long way and the distance would have been much easier with some company.

3) Running 50km in Queensland Summer is hard, no matter what the weather forecast.

A few people at water stations commented in the last 10km of the run that it wasn’t that hot. It felt pretty hot.

4) If you want to really enjoy the run as well as the achievement of the run, training is important

Specific training. Training that is designed to get you to be peaking at exactly the right time.

5) Should have worn a hydration pack

It all seemed ok. 2.5km between water stations which is what you would expect on most road marathons. But it was tough going towards the end going between water stations and I was drinking about 3 cups of water at each as I went on the return leg. A hydration pack would have been very useful.

6) Runners are really lovely

It was a tough run but you always remember the awesome volunteers and the fellow competitiors who gave you encouragement along the way. I do really love how on the longer distance runs the atmosphere is a lot more laid back, no one is trying to make up a few extra seconds at the water stations.

7) Do have someone at the finish line

This is probably the most important part.

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Zoey Dowling

Written by: operationmove

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  1. I have done events where I am on my own. I much prefer doing events where I can either meet up with friends or have my husband/family there. Those events are much more enjoyable. I'm also yet to meet a mean runner, I hope I never encounter one.