In case you are living under a rock and haven’t noticed my incessant whining about it, I’m tapering.

For people who don’t know (sweet innocents!) it’s the part where you start to scale back on the amount of running to rest up your body to prepare for a race. And it makes people freaking crazy. I was explaining it to my husband the other day and he was asking ‘WHY? (there were probably more expletives in his head) Do you feel like you want to run more?’ And that’s really not it. I’m actually really enjoying the not running.

It’s the time that gets you. So. Much. More. Time. Time to think about how you aren’t ready. Time to think about phantom injuries which aren’t real but are totally plotting to kill you. Time to think about your racing strategy about five million times. Time to buy every running gadget known to man that serves no practical purpose whatsoever. There’s just way too much time.

And that’s what makes you crazy, not the lack of running.

So this week I have:

1) Bought absolutely ridiculous things that there is no way that I will ever need
2) Eaten pizza like it was a sandwich. Numerous times.
3) Had samosas for breakfast
4) Spent roughly five hours going over previous split times in other marathons
5) Changed the shoe that I’m going to run in. That seems like a good idea.
6) Checked the weather for the 18th. I’M SERIOUS.
7) Generally annoyed about 99.9% of the people who know me.

In what can only be considered perfect timing, I’m going away for the weekend. There will be more shopping and more eating, but hopefully slightly less obsessing and I can likely reduce my annoyingness by I think 60% at least.

See you Tuesday.

“I like what running does for me, even when I’m not running.”

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Zoey Dowling

Written by: Zoey Dowling

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