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As parents we know the importance of our kids being part of a team. I grew up playing netball and loved the camaraderie that buoyed us on during those wintery, country mornings.

The camaraderie was just one of the reasons why we felt strongly about Miss joining a team. Learning to be there for others, remembering that sometimes you have to sacrifice your own goal for another, the support, the friendships and the fun.

So when you think about running, team is not a word that is initially comes to mind. To be honest, one of the highlights of running is that awesome solo time. Time away from the house, away from work, away from the kids, from being mum, away from it all. Just you and your thoughts, your serenity, your music. Bliss.

But then sometimes the mojo goes, the love of the run wanes, the mornings get a little darker and colder, the enthusiasm not so…… enthusiastic.

For me, this is where I found my new team. A few years ago when Kate started Operation Move on her blog there was a weekly check in, as there is in some of the current courses now. Knowing that out there in BloggyLand my new online friends were checking in their results from the last 7 days, spurred me on not to skip my training. My team was doing it, so, I would too. We were in this together.

Then the relationships grew; online chats, sharing hints and tips, each spurring the other on, a pat on the back here, a gentle virtual shove out the door there.

But then it got even better. I met my team in real life. Lining up together in our team tops ready to run with thousands of others was an overwhelming feeling of togetherness. Though we didn’t literally run together, we WERE all running together, as a team, supporting each other along the way.

Now I’m in my second year of tag-wearing running, each race I wear my team top and stand excited beside friends at the start line. Over the past 18months I have seen team mates cross the line together hands clasped high in unison, team mates turning around in their own race to stand shoulder to shoulder with another, seen the joy of the first 5km, 10km, half and full marathon. I’ve seen injured team mates travelling for hours just to cheer on their friends and most importantly I’ve seen lifetime friendships develop.

So for all that I love my solo runs, that glorious me time, the feeling I am part of a team is what really keeps me going.

If you want to experience the joy of running with a team, you might love our Melbourne Marathon Event Training Course. Twelve weeks to train for your 10k or half marathon with new friends, and a fantastic weekend of fun and family come October. Find out more here.


Emily likes to dabble in half marathons with 4 booked in for 2014. She loves her team, has questionable taste in music, is a bit sweary and over shares at Mrs Sabbatical.

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