Hello Movers! It’s so lovely to meet you.

I’m absolutely thrilled that Kate and Zoey have invited me into the Operation Move community so that I can help you on the path to healthy eating.

So you may be wondering who am I. Fair question! I’m Glenda, and I’m the Registered Nutritionist from over at Healthy Stories. My mission is to show you how easy healthy eating can be. You see, I thoroughly believe that healthy food can taste good, doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and can be quick and easy to prepare. And now I want to teach you what I know so that healthy eating can be easy for you too.

That’s why I created Operation Nourish and joined up with the Operation Move community.

Operation Nourish will help you to create healthy eating habits through positive change. When your body is nourished with good food, you’ll feel better, have more energy, and be less prone to illness.

My approach to healthy eating is pretty simple, but is also quite personalised. That’s because the foods that you love to eat are a personal thing. We all like different flavours and textures, different cuisines, and even different vegetables. That’s why I won’t be telling you what to eat at each meal. I also don’t believe in banning foods or setting restrictive meal plans. Instead I’ll teach you how to view food in a different way, so that you can eat the foods that you want to and still be healthy at the same time.

Operation Nourish is a 12 week program that starts on 1st June 2014.


Each week you’ll receive an email that includes a task for that week, along with resources and tools to help you succeed at that task. The tasks will teach you to create a new approach to healthy eating that you can adapt to your current lifestyle, and to the foods that you enjoy the most.

As with all Operation Move courses, Operation Nourish will have its own small community to provide you with additional support along your journey. I will of course be part of that community too, and will help you out with extra tips and suggestions so that you can learn to nourish your body with good food.

Your investment in this course is $199 (payment plans are available). Click here to secure your place before the course fills up. If you miss out, the next round won’t be available until September.

Operation Nourish is right for you if:

you want to eat healthier, but need some help knowing where to start.

you are prepared to make change in your life to create new healthy eating habits.

you want to be part of a supportive community that will increase your success on the path to healthy eating.

And now for an added bonus… One lucky person who invests in Operation Nourish will receive their course for free. Here’s how the giveaway works: 1. Purchase your spot in this round of Operation Nourish. 2. Before the course begins, you’ll receive an email asking you why you chose to invest in this program, and what you think Operation Nourish will do for you. 3. You will send in your answer by the end of the first week of the course. 4. A winner will be selected based on their answer to the question, and they will then be refunded the purchase price of the course. The decision of the judges is final.

Glenda profile pic_bigGlenda Bishop is a Registered Nutritionist and the founder of Healthy Stories. Her mission is to show people that healthy eating can be easy, doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and can taste great!

Zoey Dowling

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  1. Hi, I'm already signed up to the Preparation for an Event course. I'm very very interested in the nutrition course as well. My question is two fold - does the course teach you appropriate fuel for the events? I understand the guidance to better eating but does it also incorporate the events I'm planning for in the other course. The other question is one of my daughters is following me down the path of obesity. Will the course incorporate family meal planning and meals for my children? Further, if I'm already on a payment plan for one course can I just add this course in to that?

  2. Hi Kate. It's great that you're doing the Preparation for an Event course. Good luck with your training and I hope it goes really well for you. Operation Nourish isn't specifically covering fueling for events, but is more focussed on how to make positive changes to create a healthy eating framework for you. Some of the things covered in the course include how to design a balanced meal, what a portion size really is, how to choose the right snacks, and how to flavour your foods naturally to make them healthier while still tasting good. It will certainly teach you many strategies that you can use to steer your daughter away from the path of obesity. There will also be plenty of opportunity for you to ask questions of me in the group forum if you are needing extra help along the way. I'll get Kate or Zoey to answer the bit about the payments plans.

  3. Hi Kate :) If you decide to go ahead with this as well, I'll get you to email me direct and I can manually change your payment plan I'm pretty sure! Cheers :)