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It is fifteen months since I started this Operation Move gig.

I don’t know that I thought I’d stick with it this long, truth be told. Of course I had good intentions, but I’ve had those in the past too and spent countless dollars on unused gym memberships over the years. I’d miss a session, then two, then forget why I even signed up in the first place.

I think there are two reasons why running has become such an important part of my life.

The first; community.

Our Operation Move team blows me away every single day. This is the most supportive place on the internets, and the virtual high fives there are often what gets me off my bum and out the door when I’m lagging.

The second thing that keeps me going? Being old.

Well, I’m not that old. I turned 37 in October. But there are some big advantages in taking up running for the first time in your mid 30’s.

I don’t have a swathe of teenaged personal records taunting me, because I never ran as a teen. I’ve not raced anything or anyone before, so I can’t bemoan how much slower I am than I once was.

I am FASTER than I have ever been. I am STRONGER than I have ever been.

I have achieved things that I would have scoffed at as impossibilities not two years ago.


That is a pretty amazing feeling.

And every record broken pushes me on. Makes me move the goalposts again, and aim even higher.

Every PB reinforces this feeling that I can do amazing things. Things that I never thought possible, both running related and not.

Even if I’m having the worst week ever, a new personal record lifts me up so much because even if I can’t do ANYTHING right in my entire life, I can run.

In many ways it still shocks me how much I love running, and the impact it has had on my entire life. It sounds wanky, and I’d have rolled my eyes out of my head reading this just a year ago.

But it is the truth.


How about you? What drives you when you can’t be bothered? What gets you out the door?


Zoey Dowling

Written by: operationmove

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  1. Zoey Dowling

    The Operation Move team is what keeps me going. The advice, this virtual high fives, the people in exactly the same place in life as I am and the people who are entirely different but still have the same love of moving. I LOVE racing myself, I've never run before either so all the records are brand new. I've never, ever played team sport or even done a gym class, I'm a total loner and happy that way. Running is my way of having time to myself while still being able to be part of an amazing community online!

  2. Zoey Dowling

    Operation Move and all it's fantabulous members keep me moving. With all their support and encouragement it's hard to sit still... The running part for me is a little different though.. After so many years of thinking it was lost forever it's me who pushes myself. Thankfully I can't remember exactly how fast I ran or my longest distance, so I don't have those numbers messing with my head. This time around though its a hard and tedious process but it's getting better. My illness last month set me back a lot further than I had expected but determination is mine and slowly but surely I'm bouncing back :)

  3. Everyone in this group keep me moving, every day (yes, I did my squats and my 30 min today!). I love checking in and seeing how everyone is going, and planning our next get together!

    • Zoey Dowling

      Me too! Although I'm glad I have myself a 30 minute head start on the weekend, my moving week isn't panning out like I planned ;)

  4. 19 ok maybe 24! Whereas I felt 50 five years ago!

  5. It is funny that on a daily basis I tell my students to be wary of communicating with people on the internet that you don't know - and here I am, on a daily basis communicating online with people I don't know! But I suppose I am old enough to know what and when to share. Being a part of the opmove team means that I can get the virtual high 5's when I achieve something or just need that kick up the bum. I don't like posting running stuff on my Facebook page, as I'd rather post it here as I know that everyone is working towards their own goal via running. I don't want to bore my friends on Facebook, nor do I want them to look at it as just being another fad. I'm happy here and I have given myself a great start to 2014 and we aren't even there yet!

    • It's been great stalking err following your journey on strava - so impressed with how well you are going - loving the consistency

    • Zoey Dowling

      I am so so happy you joined us Hex. I love that we have another local in the group and it has been so brilliant getting to know you better instead of just as one of Chel's friends iykwim? Love it, and you are achieving so much!