Podcast: Episode 52 – What is your story?

This week, someone in Far and Fast was talking to me about the podcasts And she told me how much she loved Ness’ interview, but where was my story? I replied, ‘what story’, because I’m occasionally dense like that. And the more I thought about my story the more overwhelmed

All the magic is in the work

View from Warwick Half Marathon, 2016 I was having a conversation the other day about motivation. What happens when you lose your mojo, and you aren’t sure how to get it back. And they said to me, “it’s okay for you, that’s your job”. Which is totally true. I can’t

Everyone Walks

“How do you take photos when you are running?” is a common enough question that I get asked. Or after a long run, “do you really run the whole way?” and the answer is that I walk. Or I take pictures at the end. Sometimes I walk on a long