This week I started Marathon training. That sounds scary. Just as well I’ve already done a training run that distance for funsies. And if you aren’t pressed for time it’s quite a nice distance but in hindsight, 4.5 hours would have been much more fun than 5. So I guess that’s my goal. I probably run more often than a lot of other people I know who are doing marathon training, but that’s because the goal of my training is always to be able to run more. I’d be very happy running 7 days a week. So if I can get through marathon training and keep to my five running days per week I’ll be happy. That and my three days of Crossfit.

I like my schedule because I have Intervals/Speedwork on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Easy/Long runs on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Which means that there’s always an easy one on the horizon to look forward to. I’m all about the easy run. That can be easy to forget when you are bouncing from half marathon race to half marathon race. It had been a good month since my last proper long run until this week. It was only fifteen kilometres but it was enough to remind me of everything I adore about long runs.

When I was nervous about starting marathon training, my ace training partner reminded me that the beginning was the fun part. In ten weeks? Not so much!



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Zoey Dowling

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