If you hang out in various Operation Move places a bit, you already know that my presence has been a bit sporadic of late. I’ve just moved house and am currently dealing with the mind-blowing situation of having the NBN up and running in my home, but my new modem having not arrived yet. I keep looking at the NBN box all lit up and wanting to make my life easier, but because my ISP didn’t order my modem for reasons even they can’t explain it is just a great big tease. Sadly, looking at the NBN box doesn’t make its wondrous internet connecting abilities fly direct to my Macbook. For shame.

But all this not-internetting has given me lots of time to think, and maybe that right there is the universal decree by way of slack sales people.

It has been hard for me to let go of the reigns at OpMove this past month or so. Operation Move has grown into something that makes me so proud and so happy, and it is my personal fitness and wellness journey that has brought me to where I am in my personal life as well. Growing stronger physically and spending all those hours running gave me the self confidence and self belief to move in the direction that would allow joy and spiritual growth.

So I have let go and focussed inwards. I’ve moved to a weight training program and have been doing less running, and my shape has noticeably changed. I look in the mirror and I don’t see a scared little girl who feels like she might get caught out as some sort of fraud or imposter any more. I see a woman who knows who she is, and loves where she is going. It is an incredibly powerful shift.


But it has taken an army to build that strength.

Physically, I work with my personal trainer at Perfit Ballarat a few times a week and every time he makes me work harder than I believe myself capable of. On top of that, he’s a pretty great guy and aside from cursing him for days afterwards because DOMs I really enjoy the time I spend at the studio lifting heavy things up and chatting with him. He’s one of those people who genuinely love what they do, and love being part of something so positive in peoples lives. I see how he treats all of his clients and think this is a guy who deserves such enormous success. It is a business with heart. I like that.

I am blessed with an amazing family and beautiful friends, who have stepped up in the most incredible ways to help smooth out a challenging time of transition for my kids, and to support me in the ways they each do best. I could not get through a week right now without the help of my Mum and Dad, my sisters or my bestie. They have cared for my children, listened to me, hugged me tight when the words ran out, and been generous in ways I have not seen coming that have left me humble with gratitude. They know the real story, they see how I have changed, and they help lift me back up to where I need to be each time I stumble and fall.

I have this beautiful community that we have created. Every day I receive emails or messages of support and encouragement and even when I don’t have time to respond, I read them and my heart fills that someone who maybe only knows me because they see my endless selfies and have joined one of our courses, or they follow our Facebook page, has taken the time to offer some kindness and support. Thankyou, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate that.

I have the care of three amazing women in our Operation Move exec. I don’t even have the words for what they have done for me. I love them so much, I love that they love my business enough to give so much of their time for very little (if any) financial reward and I love that we have such a creative, positive dynamic that allows each of us to explore our abilities and reach our highest potentials without fear of judgement. Lee, Emily and Zoey are truly the beating heart of Operation Move and every time you see me smirking on our Instagram, that can only happen because behind the scenes these women are doing the hard yards with none of the public or private kudos I receive. If you see them around the internets today, tell them how much you value them okay? Because without them, none of this is possible.

And finally of course, there is Zoey.

She has picked up the broken pieces of me and put them back together in the right places more times than I can count. She has given up so many of her own dreams to not only help me build mine, but to make it her own as well. She manages so much of what you see of Operation Move, and she does it with very little thanks. Yes, this is a business and we both see the big picture benefits. We have audacious goals and we have plans for how to achieve them. But right now she SLOGS and she does it out of love for me and for you as well.

When I think I can’t go one step further, she holds my hand and reminds me that I’ve already come so far. And when I hit rock bottom a few months back I would look at my phoenix tattoo that she has the sister of, and I would think I had BETTER get myself back up because none of this works without the two of us. Even though I came up with the idea of OpMove all that time ago, it quickly became a partnership in the truest sense of the word and it is as much her baby as it is mine. She does not get the credit or recognition she deserves, but she is the reason we are still up and running today and I will not forget that.

Operation Move is so much more than I initially imagined it could be.

On the outside we offer courses that are accessible to women of all levels of fitness and ability. We help people learn to run, we coach them to go further and faster, we work with women every day and we love watching them discover their OWN strength and happiness.

But on the inside, within our private training groups and member forums, we offer something that I have never seen in any other business; a depth of care, understanding and support that create safe spaces for women who may be taking huge leaps of faith in making their own health and happiness a priority in their lives. The core value we hold is not about how you look or what you do, it is about who you want to be and how we can help you get there, even if the path may be challenging.

And the reason that works is because it happens at the top level of the business too. Every day.

I am so grateful to my army. I am strong. I am happy.

How can we help you along the path to who you deserve to be?


Zoey Dowling

Written by: operationmove

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  1. watching & reading & sending you all my love..... at such a huge transition time.. d xx

  2. Kate, you are an inspiration. The day I got to work with you all, I could see the magic. I know this business is going to make a difference in so many lives and you and Zoey and the girls are the reason.

  3. Sending lots of hugs and many thanks xox

  4. Zoey Dowling

    I am so glad that you're surrounded by these wonderful people. I want to send a massive thank you to Zoey, Lee and Emily. They are not only helping you but the rest of us as well. The work they do is keeping us all going. Here's to the summer of strength!! Xoxo

  5. I think you've always been very good and gratitude and letting people know who props you up. I think that is one of the qualities that attracts people to you. Keep doing what you're doing. It will all fall into place.

    • Zoey Dowling

      Thanks Mandy. It takes practice and gratitude is a thing I try to focus on daily. Some days are easier than others though ;)

  6. The hardest things we ever have to lift are emotional, not physical. I'm so glad you have a ton of support to help you bear the load. Much love to you. xxx

  7. You're a real inspiration, Kate. You can only get stronger from here.

  8. I LOVE this post. I only started following your facebook page recently. The things that attracted me were; the sincerity - you can feel how much you have changed on your journey and how much you want that for everyone else, the inclusive nature of your business - everyone can be who they are and love what they want while offering knowledge and support if they choose to embark on the running journey, and the belief - in yourself (and everyone) and the ability to push yourself to bigger and better things. Well done on creating something amazing.