I have an aversion to getting sick that is pretty simple really and it can be boiled down to three things:

1) I am the mother of two children (4 and 7) and they have literally no care factor of whether I am ill, well or anything in between.
2) I am marathon training, so time that I am sick means I can’t train, which annoys me greatly
3) When I’m not training, I’m no fun for the rest of the family, so really it’s in their best interest that I keep doing that.

Now, I’m normally a bit lazy when it comes to things like supplements. I know I shouldn’t be, but I am.


However unparallelled fear of the winter lurgy that has single handedly taken down both children and my husband has spurred me into action so I’ve been regularly taken a Woman’s Multi, Vitamin C with Zinc and Vitamin B that HiVita sent me.

One of the things that has been branded into my brain, I mean effectively taught to me by my mother who is a nurse is that not all supplements are created equal. It’s all well and good to have a vitamin, but how well does it absorb? What else is in there? How much sugar?

So one of the cool things about HiVita is that it was all started by a Sydney couple – Gorge and Stanika who are really passionate about what they do. In 1995 they founded LIPA Pharmaceuticals which ultimately became a public company thanks to their dedication to quality. And now they have turned their attention to local brand, Hivita which is one of the few brands that is wholly Australian, owned and made. But the part that you and possibly my mother would be really interested in is that Hivita is all about optimal level of actives, so it’s highly potent and highly effective.

Which coming back to my warding off the Winter lurgy is what I really need. My husband is fond of saying I’m such a finely tuned athlete with a high metabolism that when I get sick, I get epically sick. He’s really good at compliments. But it is true (the epically sick part) I think when you have a family and a business you can hold off getting sick for a really long time, when it hits you – it hits you hard. But so far, I’m all good. I haven’t been sick. I haven’t had to take any time off work or training and I’ve been able to look after the sick kids without being sick myself.

Has the winter lurgy claimed you? Do you also suffer from epic woman flu?

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Hivita is available in all good chemists and health food stores and is also available to buy online at http://hivita.com.au/


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Written by: Zoey Dowling

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