It’s March! Which means it is Autumn. Which is my favourite season, along with Spring. I’m kind of an in between seasons kind of girl. Not to hot, not too cold. Delicate flower and all of that.

This month we are changing up how our walking challenge will work just a little bit.

Set your Goal

Instead of us deciding on a goal for everyone to work towards, we are thinking that setting your own goal is a good thing. That way you can pick something that is going to fit in with your lifestyle. As a guide, I like to go with something that you think is achievable and then add 10% to make it a bit more of a challenge! But completely up to you.

In February I managed to walk about 70kms and I’m aiming for 100kms in March which given the extremely slow pace of my walking works out at about 1,400kms.

Show Me Your Walk

This month I thought it would be fun to take pictures of where we are walking, so we can all have a bit of a sticky beak at everyone else’s walking route. Or you could just take photos of your shoes or your watch or whatever takes your fancy. But really you know that you just want to take selfies with cloud porn and sunrises. Embrace that. Go with that.

Hashtag it!

We’ve got a new hashtag #operationwalk – mainly so that we don’t have to keep changing it every month. If you hashtag your pictures then I can see them all and create collages. If you are on Strava, you can also join the club I’ve created for Operation Walk.

There is no just, there is only awesome

Every now and then I see people saying I’m just walking. Let me stop you right there. There is no just. You are out there being awesome. So let’s go out and be awesome. And show me your walk.

Head over to the commitment thread to tell me what your goals are!


“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.”

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Zoey Dowling

Written by: operationmove

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