Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra Review


Recently a group of Operation Movers were invited to experience the unique fitting system and fantastic service offered at She Science. Each Mover was prescribed the best sports bra for their needs, and in the coming weeks we will share their thoughts on the products.

Jo Says:

I was so happy to be invited along to She Science to try out their sports bra fitting service. I’ve gone through almost all of my life without ever having a bra fitting! It was just something too daunting and I really thought I knew my size. I didn’t, I’ve been getting it wrong my whole life probably! I had one fitting recently and have no idea why I worried so much. The fitting at She Science was fantastic. So relaxed yet professional at the same time. The staff are so welcoming and really know their stuff!

There are so many bras to choose from and I really liked their idea of trying a couple of bras that fit the criteria you usually like (ie. crossover back, no underwire, etc) and then trying one that is different just in case you do happen to like the feel of it. I loved this idea because if I’d been getting the size wrong for 20+ years, maybe I’d been getting the style wrong as well!

When the bras were on, it was time to get on the treadmill and have a little run while being videoed. Apart from showing my quite hilarious running style, I could easily see how much breast movement there was in each bra. This really did help me in making a decision because a few of the bras felt quite similar on. The footage is instantly deleted at the end of the fitting so there is no need to worry about that either.

I bought home a Shock Absorber Ultimate Run bra and I love it! It’s comfortable, provides complete coverage and great support. I’ve managed to try it out kickboxing, walking, running and just sitting around the house. I LOVE it! It is exactly the right size, the shoulder straps don’t slip, I don’t fall out of it when I bend over, the girls don’t bounce all over the place while running or kicking and it’s comfortable enough to wear for the day. All of this is because it fits!!! That’s what you get when you go to She Science, the right bra!

The trip to She Science was such a positive experience, especially for someone who has never been in that kind of environment, is not as skinny as a model and a little shy and anxious. I would definitely go back again and have been recommending them to everyone since!


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Zoey Dowling

Written by: operationmove

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