Episode 11

Questions and Answers from the Community

Because Katie is away this week, I asked the community group for their questions.

All the Questions!

  • What about “race day bag” check?
  • Some hot tips on how you pushed through at the start of your journey when every run hurt like hell because of being overweight?
  • Mindset of coming back from injury/dealing with boring rehab
  • You are someone who avoids injury on the whole. So what is your magic anti-injury sauce?
  • How do you get out the door when your run buddy cancels? Or podcast mate travels?
  • I’m someone that likes to think I can handle most things. So when the wheels start to come off, I just bury my head and go into denial. Any tips for the stubborn/headstrong/denialists on facing vulnerability and ASKING FOR HELP???
  • Coming back from injury & staying motivated 👍. Calf Strains have knocked me around…, maybe what services you use?
  • Maybe something about stigmas of a body type for runners?
  • How about something to do with how to maintain stamina and endurance? How to leave some in the tank for that last km for short runs or 3 for half marathons. I always feel I fall short at the finish line.
  • Treadmill running during wet winter days!
  • What do you do once the first half is done – another half? A full? It seems such a waste to let all this awesome fitness go.
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Written by: Zoey Dowling

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