I entered a lot of races this year. And it was a whole lot of fun.

I did:

Sports Super Centre  Fun Run Series – 8km

Sports Super Centre Fun Run Series – 10km

Nerang 25km Trail

Gold Coast Bulletin Half Marathon

Great Ocean Road Half Marathon

Gold Coast Airport Half Marathon

Sydney Marathon

and I have the Melbourne Marathon coming up. Given that the my racing calendar this year went from April – October that’s about 7 races in as many months.  Which in hindsight is a lot. And although I enjoyed them, I see myself doing things a bit differently next year. It was a great learning experience in that respect.

Things I learnt racing this year.

1. I don’t like tapering or recovering

There’s a thing that happens with tapering and recovering where it interrupts the natural flow of your training. So a race isn’t just a week of disruption, it’s more like three. It irritates me no end that I can’t just keep on keeping on with my long runs and I have to make substantial changes to my routine to accommodate just how much races take out of my body.

2. I don’t enjoy the actual race as much as I thought I would

Don’t get me wrong, I love the atmosphere. LOVE IT. I love all the social aspects of racing with the Operation Move crew. But the mental discipline it takes to get my head into the zone to smash out a race is less than fun. And the during of the race? Well let’s just say if I was enjoying it I could probably be going faster. Afterwards I enjoy it. Afterwards I enjoy it a lot.

3. PBs are great but having fun is better

The things I will remember from this year aren’t the times I got but they are the people I spent time with

What I will do differently next year

1. Pick 3-4 races maximum

I really want to enjoy my training next year. That’s going to be my focus so I’m going to pick about three races that I’m going to do and swallow my FOMO about the rest.

2. Decide that some races will be social runs that I won’t race

I’m looking at you Great Ocean Road. 45km of slow running with awesome company.

3. Pick one race that I will race, really race.

I have an aggressive goal in mind and I am going to try and line up my training so I can flick the switch and really go for it.

What about you? Do you love racing? Have you got your events all picked out for next year?

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Zoey Dowling

Written by: operationmove

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  1. Zoey Dowling

    Any races I enter next year will be purely social I think. I'd love to throw a half in there somewhere but I'm happy to wait for the perfect time for that. I'm not even sure I'll train let alone race. I just want to spend some time running. Plain and simple, no pressure, all for the open spaces and peace.

  2. I'm hoping to enter some races - starting with a 5km and seeing how I go with that. I would love to do a half marathon sometime next year- that is my goal anyway ! Have the best day ! Me xox