One of our Movers shared this on her personal Facebook wall this morning and it was the first thing I saw today.

I have personally been blessed by so many acts of kindness in the past months, and one of the best things about running the kind of business that we do is that we get to see other people do unto others as well.

This year we have seen OpMovers anonymously purchase training tops for teammates who may not have been in a position to do so themselves. We’ve seen support for women and families through times of difficulty, and we’ve even had members pay for access to our courses for other women where people have seen that our support frameworks could really help someone through a challenging time.

This is the culture we have created, and that we aspire to continue to build. A safe space for women to be who they are without competition, jealousy, one upmanship or any of those other behaviours that are designed to minimise our lives. We aim to uplift and inspire and above all else help women achieve things that they did not know they were capable of.

That is what Operation Move is, at its heart.

Our final Learn to Run course for the year closes for registration this afternoon.

There are six spots left available.

We are a business, and whilst I would love to give those spots away I do tend to get myself in trouble for doing things like that. But what I can and want to do is offer those places as Pay It Forward registrations.

If you wish to purchase a space in our e-course that starts next week for someone who you know could really do with some friendship, support and a framework to help them do something that might be a turning point in their lives (as it was in mine two years ago), we would like to give you that opportunity for half price and we will cover the other half. 

What that means is you pay $49, someone you know joins our 10 week program and learns to run, and we all get to feel fantastic for doing something kind today. If you can’t think of anyone but are in a position to be generous, you might choose an anonymous registration and we would make that space available to one of our community members who we know would really love the opportunity but are not able to access it themselves right now.

If you are willing and able to be a bit generous today, please email with the name and email address of your Pay It Forward friend who you would like to include in our program and I will get back to you with an invoice and a heap of kudos as I am able to later in the day.

If you are my business manager look away now. Sorry. But you know that this is what matters to us and why we are what we are anyway, right? 😉


Happy Friday friends. Leave a comment and tell me how you might help create a ripple of kindness today.


Zoey Dowling

Written by: operationmove

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  1. Such a lovely idea Kate. Pay it forward is my favorite way to live :)

  2. I love a bit of pay it forward. At my favourite cafe, they have a jar to put money in to pay for a coffee for any homeless people who come in (especially in winter) for a hot drink. I also like to pass on kind deeds, like the lady who saw I was struggling with my kids and groceries and offered to pack my groceries for me while I stuffed my kids in the car, so I pass it on by helping another mother with young kids (when I haven't got my hoard with me). I think it can be the little things that we do that might change a persons day for the better. I think your business manager will be chringing and smiling at the same time! Great idea!

  3. Not going to lie, thus may have made me tear up a little. I love this community so much.