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I’ve just ordered one school hat from the on-line uniform shop and I’m working out which of my days off will be the one for school shoe shopping. One bike in this house is due for a service, the one my daughter rides. Coincidentally this is the year she starts year One.

In term one, I have one thing to ask of you.

Would you commit to one morning a week to ride to school with your kid/s?

If it’s too far to ride to school, commit to one ride a week with them, to the corner shop or to the park.

If they are just learning to ride, commit to a session a week to give them time to learn.


Fun fact: I just heard U2’s ‘ONE’ while typing this first little bit.

Operation Move plans to boost the number of kids riding in 2014 and we will tail gate you all the way through your journey (oh yes, did you like that?).

If riding to school will be a new venture in your home, I can guarantee it will be a lot like this meme- that’s just life though isn’t it?

cycling meme

First of all, head to the Ride2School page. There is a parent survey on there which I just completed- its’ from 2013 but hey, if you could complete it that would be wonderful! There is all sorts of information on there from fitting helmets to refreshing yourself on road rules. Bookmark Operation Move (if you haven’t already) and Ride2School – you are good to go!

Are you in?

Please share your commitment with us in the comments!

Then somewhere between now and the first day of Term One, find one day to do the ride to school and check it out. A trial ride. We would love to hear all about it!

Pinky Neven Cyclist


Pinky is a Writer, Broadcaster, Triathlete wannabe, Mum of one, Wife, Dog Owner, Committee Meeting attender, fundraiser and collector of things to do. Listen to the Pinky’s Bits Podcast free via iTunes.

Zoey Dowling

Written by: operationmove

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  1. Girl Child finally got confident enough to ride her bike last year but I ended up working every day. This year I'm so far only employed for 3 days a week so I'm hoping the one day we don't gave an appointment we can ride to school together. This post is timed really well for me. I got my bike types pumped up at the servo last night so that I can hopefully convince Girl Child to start riding during the rest of the holidays to get her confidence back.

    • Zoey Dowling

      E, that is fantastic! Is the school near by? How do you normally get her there? I'm stoked you have added this to your week- enjoy the practice this holiday and keep us filled in! :)

  2. Zoey Dowling

    With school being only 400m away from home, it would be silly of me not to commit to this! My little man just got a bike for Christmas and would love to ride one day a week. I don't have a bike but I'm sure I can walk/run with him!

    • Zoey Dowling

      Hey Jo, Wonderful! It's all good fun running along side them haha. So excited that you and your little man have joined us. Bikes for Christmas are the best. Let us know how you and he go with the riding practice :)

  3. Zoey Dowling

    To dangerous to ride to school as we have a dual laned major main road to cross between home and school with traffic lights 2kms out of the way for a safe place for the kids to cross. But I will be getting them to go on rides once a week and teaching them as much as I can to become confident safe riders :)

    • Zoey Dowling

      Awesome Heidi! Common sense is best. Thanks for adding this to your week- look forward to hearing how the kids progress :)

  4. Great idea . I will commit to taking them on a ride weekly - we are 17km from school along major hwy or 100k zones till we hit town - so impossible for us otherwise. We can ride downhill to the bus stop too maybe once-twice a week.

    • Zoey Dowling

      Great news Trish! Do you cycle much yourself? I admire your commitment considering the challenges, good on you :)

      • I once rode 1100kms from Melbourne to Sydney over 15days for the Bicentenary ...then not much since except on stationary cycles = clocked up 1000kms on them.

  5. We are definitely in - we usually ride a couple of days a week with our school bus bike, a yuba mundo. I'm keen to get my youngest pushing her own pedals at least once a week.