Operation Nourish – Payment Plan

There’s no better time to start eating healthier than right now. When your body is nourished with good food you will feel better, have more energy and be less prone to illness. This twelve week course will teach you to create healthy eating habits through positive change, without giving up the foods that you love. As part of Operation Nourish, you will receive weekly emails including tasks, information and resources, and you will be part of a private community for support, sharing and additional assistance.


This project is for anyone who wants to eat healthier, but needs some help knowing where to start. It is run by our resident nutritionist, Glenda (Healthy Stories) whose mission is to show people that healthy eating can be easy. This course can be taken along with other OpMove Project courses, or as a standalone project.

Due to the added transaction and administrative fees of payment plans, total cost over 12 weeks is $240.

Payment Options

Payment Options

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