Operation Move Run Club


Here is what you will get every week:

✔️ Downloadable training plans for 5km, 10km, half marathon and marathon distances ( a beginner version and an advanced version)
✔️ Guides and resources to make sure that you are injury proofing your training
✔️ New running, HIIT and strength workouts every week
✔️ A great, supportive, private Facebook group to keep you motivated
✔️ 20% discount on Operation Move coaching programs and custom training plans including Learn to Run, Far and Fast Running Coaching and Custom plans for both running and strength based on your goals.
✔️ A monthly Q & A session to answer all your questions


Sign up today for $19.95 per month! No obligation, you can cancel anytime.

Do you need some help achieving your goals?

The truth is, we all do! For long-term success group programs are actually more effective than one-on-one. This has been confirmed in several studies, but really it’s what we all know – everyone does better when they are surrounded by people with similar values who are supporting and inspiring one another.

I’m ready to join the club!

Who will be on my support team?

garmin-profile-whiteMy name is Zoey and I am the Director and Running Coach at Operation Move. I have a Level 2 Running Coach Accreditation through Athletics Australia and I have a great team of coaches and mentors who will be there to support you. No one wants you to succeed as much as we do. I learned to run over 4 years ago and I’ve now completed ten half marathons, three marathons and one ultra and I am passionate about sharing my joy of running with other people. Having a coach is a great way to make sure that you keep going, stay motivated and don’t have to learn anything the hard way (like I did!)

Have any questions?


Pop into our Facebook community group or email me at zoey@operationmove.com.au

Join the club and starting running with us today!

Join the club and starting running with us today!

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