So it’s been just about a month now since I’ve been doing this on my own. You think relationships won’t change, but of course they do. Whether you are ready for them to do that or not. I’ve worried over more things (and more people) than I ever have before. I’ve worried over how I spend my time. I’ve worried over if people are getting enough of what they need. I’ve worried over how to be a coach, a marketer, a strategist and an accountant. And in the end I just kind of winged it to see what would work and what wouldn’t.

I’ve looked with sadness over the instagram feed, which is just me. And I’ve looked with pride where something I’ve done has connected with the community. I tried (badly) to balance marathon training and everything else and I’m counting down the weeks until my running commitment is just a little bit less.

I corrected myself every second sentence where I went to write ‘we’ and I had to change it to ‘I’.

I rediscovered a love of Twitter. I found my camera again too.

I accepted that some relationships couldn’t be saved and some new one’s could be made. I found the weight of responsibility was more of a privilege, than a burden.

I made mistakes and then I corrected course.

My passion is empowerment through movement. If I keep focused on that, everything else will fall into place.

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Zoey Dowling

Written by: Zoey Dowling

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