Something we love to encourage here at ON YA BIKE is the good ol’ weekend ride with the kids!

We ride the same way to school everyday, so it’s pretty exciting when we go on a ride to somewhere else and on a different path. If you are not familiar with the bike paths in your area, pop onto google maps and select the BIKE icon.

Fortunately for us, our house backs onto the Yarra Trail in Melbourne. The trail is for pedestrians and cyclists only and it follows the Yarra River – it’s only a 5km ride for us and we are at Federation Square! Convenient. Over the weekend we had plans to meet up with family in the city and I had to pick up some winter cycling gear for me, from a bike shop, surprise!

With our water bottles filled and backpacks packed, we set off for our day of fun and adventure. That’s the thing, no matter what fun plans you have, add a bike ride to your destination and it gets even more awesome.

One of my favourite things about riding with my daughter is the conversations we have along the way. I think they are very different to the ones we have in the car or at home. She hadn’t ridden all the way into the city before and was blown away by how beautiful the river was to ride along. She also said that riding into the city was way better then just getting on a tram and sitting on your bum. I reminded her that it was faster too! Of course there were plenty of other people of all ages running, walking and riding past us which was great. We really don’t see many others when riding to school and seeing them all helps to normalize active travel. BONUS!

We’ve just added a bottle cage to her bike so of course we had a few ‘drink stops’ to test her gear out. Funny. We also realised that the water bottle is too small for the bottle cage as it fell/bounced out twice. Not good. Lucky it didn’t cause an accident. Easily fixed though.

Bike racks are everywhere in the city so it’s not an issue to lock them and leave them. We enjoyed our day out and then before the sun started setting, got back on our bikes and rode home. Simple. I can’t wait to plan some more weekend rides.

Do you go riding with the kids on the weekend? Where do you ride?

When do your kids talk to you the most?


“Out on the roads there is fitness and self-discovery and the persons we were destined to be..”

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Zoey Dowling

Written by: operationmove

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