Cycling and Frozen

Winter is well and truly here and I’m thoroughly enjoying the cool change- are you? Hahahahahahaha! I hear you all laughing.

Plenty of us loathe the cold but getting out and moving in it will get you surprisingly warm and it’s always enjoyable.

I don’t know about your kids but my daughter doesn’t feel the cold. Not really. Kids are funny like that and a little inspiring. Anyway, they WILL get cold and here are a couple of ideas for accessories to get you riding in winter.


You need gloves for riding in winter as your hands cop the brunt of the wind and it feels like a bazillion tiny icicles are sticking into them! Icicles are only cool and pretty in ‘Frozen’. Plus, as I was reminded by my daughter, ‘Elsa had gloves Mum!’.  We are on- trend!

You can get kids ACTUAL cycling gloves or you can get $5 gloves from Tar-jay! OH YES I DID! My child is prone to leaving things at school or losing them, so $5 a pair works for us. A brilliant tip from a friend of mine was to buy two pairs of the SAME gloves and then if she lost one, we could have a spare – CLEVER. It’s been a few weeks now and so far so good.


Another trick to keep warm is to wear a beanie under your helmet. Because riding to school has proven to help children learn BUT NOT IF WE FREEZE THEIR BRAINS ON THE WAY THERE. Ok then.


You can get a wind proof jacket specifically for cycling or the kids can wear their raincoats, if they are short ones. Stopping the wind freezing your bones is ALWAYS a good idea.


I’m not trying to say that chocolate at breakfast time is an awesome idea but THE KIDS WOULD WANT ME TO TELL YOU THAT! I figure it might be something to look forward to occasionally. We have planned another RIDE 2 SCHOOL day at our school and suggested this to the parents. The school can’t make 300 cups of hot milo so… make your own! Adult cyclists LOVE a coffee after a long bike ride so…start ’em young I say!

Have you been riding to school once a week? Are you a cold frog who loves Summer like Olaf?

Do your children sing the songs from ‘Frozen’ until you go cross eyed?


Zoey Dowling

Written by: operationmove

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  1. What's worse than my toddler asking for the 'frozen princess movie?' Me having the bloody song in my head 24x7 - it's either 'do you want to build a snowman / it doesn't have to be a snowman' Or 'Let it go / duck it all'

  2. Oh Sara, too funny! We have a terrible problem with singing like Olaf to SUMMER at our house. Amazing how obsessed all the kids are with it!