Last year I had the chance to run the Melbourne Marathon course. I was running with a friend so I was able to enjoy the atmosphere. I used to live in Melbourne but that was over fifteen years ago now, so I had no real idea where I was half the time, but I really loved the course. You get to go through all different parts of the city. It’s such a picturesque course. You are surrounded by the Spartans and it was a great day. As I was running the course I was thinking I could run this every year. Now you can’t always control what you can and can’t do. Injuries and life happens. But it’s a nice idea. And this year I’m hoping to stick to it.

We are really happy to have a huge contingent of our Operation Move crew heading down to Melbourne for the festival. You have loads of options – the 3km walk, the 5.7km run, the 10km run, the half marathon and the marathon. And they are all on the same day so there’s a good chance we’ll be able to meet up on the day and probably grab a carb-loading dinner the night before. If you are looking at signing up for an event – the password is OpMove.

If you would love to sign up for an event but are nervous about going it on your own – we have a whole heap of options to support you.

Operation Move Memberships – full access to Far and Fast Running Coaching and Move It Elite Personal Training including a custom plan that integrates running and strength.

Far and Fast Coaching – Custom plan, private Facebook coaching group and daily access to coaches.

Custom training plan – an email consultation to develop a custom plan to get you to your event in great shape.

People enter events for so many reasons. And they are all fantastic reasons. Sometimes it is to keep motivated and have a goal, sometimes it is to hang out with friends. Sometimes it’s to strive for a personal best. And when you are doing something like that don’t be afraid of setting an ambitious goal. There is no shame in aiming high and falling short, because you will still end up somewhere amazing.
But whatever your why, it will be a beautiful reason in Melbourne this year. And we really hope to see you there.


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Zoey Dowling

Written by: Zoey Dowling

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