Welcome to Meet a Mover Monday! Everyone has a story, and each week we will introduce you to one of our OpMovers so you can learn a little bit about theirs. We are all at different stages of our journeys, but we all started in the same place. This week, say hi to LMG.

Who are you?

LMG – I’m a former journalist who has crossed to the dark side of PR and now work in local government as a media and communications officer. I am also a runner, a gym-goer, breakfast lover, mother of one – soon to be two (eek), wife of almost one-year and I also love to read, watch movies, explore and most of all have fun! I eschew from negativity and like to focus on the positive.

When did you start running and why?

I flirted with running about four years ago and ran my first 5km fun run followed by a 12km on VERY minimal training. I was really starting to get into it but then fell pregnant and ran intermittently throughout that pregnancy. Once the baby was out though it was on like donkey kong and I ran my first half marathon 10 months later with a few 10km fun runs in between. I then ran another three half marathons that year and completed my first full marathon earlier this year. I have also ran three half marathons this year – two while pregnant and possibly another in a few weeks.

I started running because I am the type of person who has  a lot of nervous energy and it helps me to relax. In that first year of motherhood running was my saviour. It allowed me to have time on my own and do something just for me. All of the frustration and angst from the day would just float away as soon as I started pounding the pavement. Running makes me a better person in so many ways. I have become a far more positive person since running. I will always be a runner. I also strength-train three times a week because I love seeing what it does to my body and I like being physically as well as mentally strong. HIIT workouts are my favourite when I’m at the gym .

What is your favourite distance?

I think each distance serves a different purpose. When I am running speed intervals I like to keep it at 5km-6km. When doing a tempo run I prefer 8km-12km. However when I am out doing a leisurely cruise I prefer it to be nice and long so upwards of 18km. I love my Saturdaylong runs the best because there is no rush to hurry up and get ready for work. It also means I can enjoy two breakfasts and if I’m running with a buddy it gives us a chance to talk sh*t the whole time.

Top 3 must have gear

Garmin Forerunner 220 – to track my pace, time and distance.

Spibelt – to carry my phone, chewing gum and car keys.

Good shoes – I alternate between Hoka Bondi 3s, Newtons and Nike Zoom Structures (all serve a different purpose)

Fave post run fuel?

If it’s a mid-week run my post-run fuel is breakfast which is nearly always some wanky oats combination I’ve prepare the night before.

If it’s my Saturday long run – eggs! Either scrambled with greens or poached on rye.

Coffee also used to feature heavily but since being pregnant the thought of caffeine makes me want to spew.

What do you listen to when you run?

I am one of those people who will chew your ear off about why running with music is a terrible idea – especially in races. Seriously don’t get me started I could go on forever.

So I prefer to listen to my breathing, the sound of my footfalls and the wonderful sounds of the great outdoors. I also find it much safer when crossing busy roads.

Tech lover or naked runner?

This is a tough question. I love my Garmin however nothing beats a back to basics run where you just go for it and don’t worry about time or pace. I used to obsessively upload my runs to Strava but haven’t done so in months and don’t miss it at all. I think my Facebook friends are happy to not see it flashing up in their feed anymore either.


Words of wisdom to new runners?

Don’t give up.

Celebrate every single run even the crappy ones as they all teach you something.

Never compare yourself to anyone else – you are your only competition.


I am most proud of…

Running my first-ever 5km back in 2010. As a former smoker, binge-drinker and hater of athletics I have come a bloody long way and if it wasn’t for the confidence I received in finishing that first 5km who knows where I would have ended up. I still smile when I hit my the 5km mark on every run.



Zoey Dowling

Written by: operationmove

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  1. Loved this LMG and that pic with you and C at the finish line - so gorgeous. We might need to have the running with/without music chat one day ; )

  2. Love that pic of you and the curly-haired monster so much! Can't wait to compare notes with you on running with two in the pram x

  3. That photo of you coming up to the finish line never gets old, it's too cute! But no music! Maybe your breathing is just less ragged than mine ;)

  4. I agree it's a great photo, what an inspiration you are to everyone , I loved reading your article & I totally agree with you 100% about running with no music, over the last 10 years I have never run with music ..... you are amazing , keep up the great work.