Welcome to Meet a Mover Monday! Everyone has a story, and each week we will introduce you to one of our OpMovers so you can learn a little bit about theirs. We are all at different stages of our journeys, but we all started in the same place.

>We’re beginning the series by sharing the stories of the Operation Move exec team. These are the women working away at course development, site content, and of course supporting our community across our various platforms.

This week, say hi to Zoey. 


Who are you?

I live in Northern NSW with my husband and the two awesome humans we created.


I’m a writer, a social media strategist, a crocheter, a baker and I take a lot of photos.

When did you start running and why?

I started running when my youngest (Piper) was about three months old and it became obvious that to lose my pregnancy weight, breastfeeding wasn’t going to get the job done. Which was excessively disappointing to me, because it had worked so well with my first. The realisation that I was actually going to have to work for it, was not an entirely welcome one.

Being scientifically minded, I quickly worked out that I could burn the most calories in the least amount of time by running. And given I hated exercise, it seemed like the way to go.

The thing was though? I didn’t hate it. I actually loved it. Once (with the support of the Operation Move community) I made the leap to running outside, I really loved it. And I haven’t looked back since then.

You could not possibly measure what running has given me. Running me saw me through a bout of severe clinical depression. Running redefined my body. Running completely rewired how I thought about myself and my body. Running gave me some of the best friendships you could ever ask for. Running helped me to quit smoking. Running showed me who I really was and it’s still the best fun I can have on any given day.

What is your favourite distance?

I love long distance. The definition of long distance changes as you run more! Once upon a time 10km was a long run but now 25km is a really lovely distance for me. It’s time to really enjoy my running without being stuck to a strict time or pushing myself for speed. For me all the freedom of running comes from long distances. And I think that I enjoy that push-pull between mind and body on the longer distances.

Top 3 must have gear:

Could we go a top 20?

If I had to pick my top 3 I’d go with my Garmin – the other day it told me I had a new V02 Max of 49. I don’t exactly know what that means, but it sounds good doesn’t it? Also as I’ve launched into heart rate training it definitely comes in handy. Also I’m a Strava achievements junkie so it comes in handy for that.

Next up would be my Hoka shoes. I love them so much I would MARRY them. Once I started upping my mileage they made it so much easier to do that in terms of recovery time and impact on joints. For me they help me to enjoy my running more and that’s got to be a good thing, right?

Finally, my current favourite thing is Lululemon crops with pockets on the side of the legs because I can put my phone in there for more photos without having to have it in a zippered pocket. So great.

Fave post run fuel?

Coffee. Obviously.

What do you listen to when you run?

My husband says my playlist sounds like Ibiza. I fail to see how that is a bad thing. I’m a music lover. I use Spotify which is great because I can change up my music on a regular basis.

Tech lover or naked runner?

If it’s not on Strava, did it even happen?

Words of wisdom to new runners?

Walking will do more for your running than slogging your guts out will.  And if you can run 5, you can run 8. If you can run 8, you can run 10. If you can run 10, you can run 15. If you can run 15, you can run a half marathon. If you can run a half marathon, you can run a full. You might not want to, but you could if the mood took you.

Sometimes your goals will seem impossible in the beginning. You can’t ever imagine running 10km under an hour and then one day that’s your easy run on hills. So I guess what I’m saying is it will happen even if you can’t see how. Relentless forward progress.

I wish I could…….

Never have a rest day. Necessary evil. Pity.

I am most proud of…

Being batshit crazy. Picking goals that really I have no right to achieve and somehow getting myself over the line. The hard is what makes it great.

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Zoey Dowling

Written by: operationmove

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  1. Nice to 'meet' you Zoey !!!!! Well done on your achievements. I am so happy to have signed up for the Learn To Run program. I used to run 10km races but since menopause started, it all went to pot. Now that my baby is leaving to go and live in Chicago for a year or two, I need something to keep me from missing her too much - running it going to do that for me. PLUS I need the exercise !!! Have the best day ! Me xox

    • Zoey Dowling

      Great to have you in board for Learn to Run!! 10km is such a great distance isn't it? I bet you'll be back to running that in no time at all!

  2. Rest days as a necessary evil. Going to take me a while to get my head around that one. Wowsers!! You're full-on addicted :)

    • Zoey Dowling

      Addiction is such a strong word :-) Although I must admit since I've started doing 30km runs for marathon training, I'm liking rest days a bit more.

  3. I must try these crops you speak of. Love watching your journey thanks to OpMove <3