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Welcome to Meet a Mover Monday! Everyone has a story, and each week we will introduce you to one of our OpMovers so you can learn a little bit about theirs. We are all at different stages of our journeys, but we all started in the same place.

This week, say hi to Sara. 


Hi, I’m Sara, I’m a 32 year old wife, mother of 1 (3 year old Worm) and a full time working banker.

I tend to have so many balls up in the air that describing who I am is honestly the most difficult question to ask. I am a runner, I am a triathlete, I am a mother and I am a friend.


When did you start running and why?

I started running many many years ago, I always remember running a little bit, but more seriously about 5 years ago, when I decided I was going to lose weight, and get fit. I was horrified at the photos taken of myself in a bikini on my honeymoon, and immediately knew that I needed to change something if I wanted to bring a family into this world.

Since then I have entered many half marathons, countless 10 & 5 km events, and I’ve even completed a couple of half ironman triathlons.

I have enjoyed pushing my daughter in her pram (I restarted running when Worm was 6 weeks old, so she & I have done many runs together) and I have enjoyed running solo – Running is my time.

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What is your favourite distance?

I LOVE the half marathon distance, I’ve done 3 half’s and a couple more as part of triathlons. I probably call myself more a triathlete than a runner though, the art of juggling 3 sports, with work, and children is the challenge. I love racing. I don’t love training!


Top 3 must have gear?

Sports BRA – like a mega supportive my girls will NEVER move when I’m wearing type bra. My long term favourite is the Berlei ProElite underwire crop. It’s supportive, plus can be worn as a bikini top if you chose to strip off at the beach.

Good Shoes – don’t skimp on the footwear, whatever you chose to go with I highly recommend going to a specialist running store and getting fitted propertly. Leave the kids with someone else as the fitting will take 30-60mins and wear your sports bra as you will be running on a treadmill & seeing how the shoes feel in action, not just the colour!


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Fave run post fuel?

I don’t have any kind of post workout routine – I am usually handed the Worm after a race, and if I get 5 minutes of stretching I’ll be happy. I drink water like I’m a fish, and tend to stick to basic electrolytes like Endura or Hyrdalyte on hot days when I’ve sweated a lot.


What do you listen to when you run?

I honestly don’t know… it changes so frequently, I like the Ministry of Sound Running Trax, but a good podcast can also help the kilometres go by. Because I do a lot on my treadmill I love The Sufferfest running video workouts – great music, video footage of amazing races and a structured workout (they don’t lie – the workouts are a true sufferefest!).


Tech lover or naked runner?

I go through stages…. I’ve been naked for the past few months whilst I’ve been between coaches, just exercising for myself, but I did get my Garmin out for my triathlon on the weekend. So I think I’m headed more into techno land again, just to have the information to analyse each workout.


Words of wisdom to new runners?

A run is a run

A jog is a run

A shuffle is a run

Don’t get caught up on the speed, slow it down and focus on keeping the running action going.

ALSO – you can’t compare yourself to others, everyone started with that first few kilometres of struggle, so be proud of every step you take, as each one is setting you up for the next and the next.


I am most proud of…

I’m really proud of getting the CQ Spin Sisters going in Rockhampton when we lived up there & also getting ParkRun off the ground where I live now in Murray Bridge. I embrace most opportunities to set a good example for busy women to get active and I believe I show them that it’s okay to prioritise YOU time along with family and work commitments.

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  1. Good on you. I can't even begin to imagine fitting in working full time, exercise and parenthood. That's awesome. And how good are you setting up your local park run, that's ace.

    • Thanks Mandy, its amazing what a busy mother can fit in.... :D

  2. Well done Sara - as they say - if you want something done, as a busy person to do it !!!!! Have the best week !

    • Thanks ME!! yes the balls keep on juggling - though I have decided to take a step back this year with my personal endeavours to focus on parkrun, so there will be no 70.3 Ironmans, or half marathons in my near future!

  3. Well done to you Sara, you're such an inspiration to me. I also have a kerfuffle of children, work full time and fit in netball commitments with my running. I juggle a lot and have to engage my "blue steel focus" just to get out and run a lot of the time. I'll be interested in seeing if Worm follows you into an active life too. I struggle with getting my children moving because I fell in love with running so late.

    • Thanks Kate, I like to think that Worm is already starting to see running, and being active as 'normal' she does parkrun with me (or hubby) pushing the pram every Saturday morning, and as we drive over the bridge over the course each day to & from care she tells me that we are going over the running course now, and that we all run on Saturdays! She does swimming lessons on Sunday mornings herself, and is becoming a little fish, which is so rewarding. Some of my favourite moments are during races when I see her on the sidelines, some times she waves, sometimes she cheers, and the photo above when I'm cuddling her was actually taken half way through a half marathon, I ran past her & she said 'go mummy' 'cuddles!' so I had to stop to respond :D Thanks so saying Hi, and I am certain that your activity is not going unnoticed by your children - they would see benefits that you are getting from it, and by continually making moving moments available to them hopefully they will want to participate.

  4. You're amaze Sara! Love ya to bit n pieces xxx