Welcome to Meet a Mover Monday! Everyone has a story, and each week we will introduce you to one of our OpMovers so you can learn a little bit about theirs. We are all at different stages of our journeys, but we all started in the same place.

This week, say hi to Katie.


Who are you?

Who am I? My name is Katie, I am a 32 year old, recently single mother of 3 living in Northern Tasmania. I have no job, nor career path of choice. I struggle to get everything done around the house, not for lack of time but a hatred of housework! I enjoy papercrafts and just generally doing (or trying to do) all things creative! I am the sciencey type that gets kicked out of science for my alternative viewpoint.

What I do, where I come from and who shares my life with me are not who I am, but what made me this way. The who can’t be described by telling you about my life, only by sharing part of my life with me.

When did you start running and why?

Let’s see now, there is too much in this! Time goes by so fast that I can’t remember the when! I can tell you it started the very first month Kate started Opmove.

I joined in because:

– I wanted to be part of something (and what an amazing thing I found)

– I wanted to be better known in the blogosphere (that totally didn’t work!)

– I wanted to lose weight (15 down, 20ish to go)

– I wanted to be fitter and healthier (pretty sure I am already there, would like to do more)


– I needed to fit in somewhere!

So I started moving, treadmill walks, in home workouts, badminton, eventually I got into running!

What is your favourite moving activity?

I haven’t really done enough to have a favourite distance, I certainly haven’t found any distance that has provided the challenges I need yet, although that tells me more that I haven’t gone hard enough to feel the challenging aspects!

All types of moving provide different appeal for me, from the social aspects of team sports (badminton), to the solitude of a solo run!

Top 3 must have gear

1. Having a relatively large cup size means my number one spot has to be a great supportive sports bra!
2. Shoes – the right shoes are a must have item and are certainly a big ticket item when it comes to running. Do some research, shop around, get a professional fitting, and as you gain fitness and technique your gait may change too so go back and get refitted.
3. The Team, maybe not gear, but the right team will get you moving, give you advice and keep you moving when you need a push. This team got me started over and over again when life got in the way or the wheels just fell off. They got me to start 21.1kms when I thought I never even thought I wanted to go there! A great team is worth more than any Garmin, drink bottle or pair of socks!

Fave post moving fuel?

Water and food? Not enough experience in this area, any food that tastes good and a good drink of water works for me! As long as I don’t have too cook it all!

What do you listen to when you run?

I listen to my surroundings when I run, I am not a music while running person, unless I am treadmill running!

Tech lover or naked runner?

Usually I don’t leave home without my Garmin, I like to know how far I have gone and how fast!

Words of wisdom to new movers?

Do it for yourself – Other people can provide inspiration, motivation and reasons to get you going, but ultimately you need to do this for yourself, like quitting any addiction, if you are not doing it for your own benefit you can find too many reasons to pack it in!

The hardest part is starting – and then starting again, and again if injury or life throw some nice things at you! That is where the team comes in, you need some lovely back up people to hold your hand and get you back in the ring when you get knocked out!

Find some moving you love to do, if nothing else gets you coming back after a down fall or keeps you going through one it is doing something you love!

I wish I could . . .

I wish I could run a consistant 5k without stopping, and to maintain that as long as possible, the time doesn’t matter.

I am most proud of…

The thing is I am not really proud of anything yet. I haven’t reached a seemingly unachievable goal, maybe my first unbroken outdoor km? I haven’t smashed out anything that left me feeling like I gave 100%. I always leave an event feeling like I should of and could have done better, maybe that is why I never give up and keep pushing to do things I am not really ready for. Not being ready always results in a performance that doesn’t quite get me to that point!

The continuance of a circle!

Zoey Dowling

Written by: operationmove

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  1. Thanks for such honest words Katie. Good luck with finding that one thing that will really excite you - the distance that you find that challenges you - the activity that makes you feel like you want to get out and do it ! Have the best day ! xox

  2. Katie, I loved answer number 3 in your top three must haves. Totally agree. This team we have are a definite must have.