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It’s safe to say that over the past 8 weeks I’ve had a fair bit on my plate. I’ve moved from Queensland to South Australia, renovated a house and started a new job. This is my life I guess, always full on and busy. The challenge of the last few weeks has been to figure out how & when can I squeeze in my training. 

I used to ride my bike or run on the treadmill before Worm woke up. When she woke & came into my ‘gym’ I’d put ABC2 on the TV & she would happily watch and chat to me whilst I finished. With this latest move however the treadmill won’t fit in the house, there’s no tv where I’ve popped my bike trainer & the garage is full of boxes so this tried & tested training situation no longer works.  In a moment of desperation at 1am last week I literally dug a path to my treadmill – it’s now accessible but not practical & with the Farmer frequently away I needed to find a solution & quickly!

So I’ve done something that I haven’t done for many many years. I’ve joined the local 24 hr gym. I figured with Worms daycare opening at 6am I will take her there, get to the gym & then go to work. Yes this makes for LONG days for both of us, but as I mentioned last week my ‘ME’ time is essential to my well being so it’s what we are doing for now. Maybe when winter is over or when the Farmer is home I’ll go back to running outside but for now it just has to work. 

So onto the weeks training:

Monday – I joined the gym!

Tuesday- 30min treadmill run (approx 4km); this was slower than I anticipated but I had forgotten how boring treadmill running can be! It took a lot of mental tenacity to stick with this one. 15 mins stretching & core. 

Wednesday- 30 treadmill run (4.6km); I was able to work up the pace which ironically felt easier for me to run at. 15min stretching & core.

Thursday- 35min treadmill run (5km) chucking in a few intervals toward the end of my session; felt great. I was able to run at 10-12km per hour for 30seconds and then reduce the speed back down to 9 for the ‘rests’ – this felt fabulous (and strange that running faster actually felt better!)

Friday- 15min on ecliptical, 30min core class. I’m going to try to add some more strength and conditioning work into my sessions this time around. It something I’ve struggled with in the past and I haven’t really made time for it. It’s a little goal for me as I’m certain that my lack of conditioning has led to some of the niggling pains or injuries. 

My weekend was crazy. I headed away for a friends birthday weekend. Leaving my running shoes in my gym bag made getting my long run impossible and then when I left my phone at my friends and only discovered it 80km later any spare evening time I had was gone. I know

I know I mentioned that my gym is a 24 hr operation, however seriously who wants to run at 10pm?

So this was my first week of maybe marathon training. I’m happy with the consistency and I’m loving my new gym.  Next week will be challenging, with work trips & more juggling!

The maybe marathon is in:

12 weeks 2 days 9hours

Zoey Dowling

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  1. Wow. Commitment during change really is the hardest thing and you are owning it!! good luck and keep up the inspirational posts :)