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As Autumn dawns with it’s cooling breezes and the days start to shorten, even those of us who adore the heat of Summer start to feel grateful for the chance to move more without the burden of possible heatstroke.

The very best thing about the change of seasons is the chilly mornings. My workout week is scheduled around dropping children at school and care and things like that, so I’m usually starting my run or walk around mid-morning. It is a beautiful time of day, made much more so when I’m not dripping sweat and looking like a beetroot within a few minutes.

For me, March means stepping up the pace a bit. I’ve eased myself back into running training and this month I am really going to focus on building up my mileage a bit more as I prepare for Run for the Kids in April and the Great Ocean Road half in May.

I’m also so so excited to be starting an amazing new journey with some of you, as we introduce The OpMove Project  and offer six and twelve week courses to help you find the fun in your fitness, the community to support you and the lifestyle that you deserve. 

It is going to be such a big month, and I know many of you are upping the ante training wise for events as well.

So what commitment will you make to yourself for March? How many minutes will you move?

“Out on the roads there is fitness and self-discovery and the persons we were destined to be..”

Learn to Run starts on the 29th May and there are only 21 spaces available.

Claim your spot today and join the team that is going to support your goals in 2017

Are you ready to take your running to the next level?

Check out Run Club, our Custom Plans or Far and Fast Running Coaching.

Zoey Dowling

Written by: operationmove

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  1. My march commitment is simply... (um, simple to write maybe) to end this month with the ability to run 5km's without a walk interval. I am pretty sure it will be a hard one to make, I am doing the Learn to Run program (loosely) with 3 runs a week. As always I am happy to end the month doing better than I started it, so even if I don't make running a full 5k non stop, if I can do it running more than I walk I have already bettered what I can do now!

  2. Zoey Dowling

    My goal for March is a simple one too, to run 3 times a week. I really want to make the most of the cooler weather and get out there more often. I'm going to work out a minutes/km total to aim for but haven't quite decided on it yet!

  3. Zoey Dowling

    Mine is similar to Jo's. I want to create a running habit. Run 3 times a week. the kms and minutes will come from that.

  4. I just want to move more again. I don't mmd if its a walk, a swim, tennis or an exercise DVD. Just want to commit to 3 times a week at least. And for me the cool change has meant a 35 degree day not a 40 + day. I'm loving it and it really does make a difference to my general motivation.

  5. The cool change is fabulous, isn't it Annaleis!? March will hopefully see me continue on my return from injury plan, upping the ante to 15 and then 20 minutes running with 2 minute walk intervals....and then the sky is the limit!

  6. Zoey Dowling

    I feel so much like I'm back at the beginning and it's disheartening but I am trying to keep positive. I hurt my ankle which turns out is due to weak glutes so I'm doing physio to try and strengthen them. So my goal for this month is to get to a position where I can start running again next month!