In 2013 I learnt to run. I was so incredibly proud of myself and began to run five kilometres most weekends. I know it isn’t much but for someone who never ran before it was an amazing achievement for me.

I would get up early, when it was still dark and run along Blackwattle Bay. I loved watching the sunrise over the city skyline. It was pure bliss. Then we moved in early 2014 and I just didn’t know where I should run and I didn’t feel overly safe going that time of the morning.

So I stopped.

I missed it a lot and then I found out that I was pregnant. I didn’t think that I should start running again as it had been several months since I last ran and didn’t think my body would cope.

Now it is 2015 and I am slowly getting back into it. Scarlett is almost twelve weeks old.

I try to go for a walk each day and push Scarlett in the pram, which gives my arms a workout too. We just walk aimlessly around Olympic Park, following the footpath. I have even encouraged other mums to join me and starting in February a group of us will meet and walk around the park. I try to aim for ten thousand steps a day too and am wearing my fitbit all the time. It is amazing to see how many steps I get up to without the exercise, but it is nowhere near what I used to achieve with it back when I was working and running most days.

I am nourishing my body as best as I can each day. There are still times when I forget to eat, but I am getting better. At the moment, I get very worn out when I am walking and that is okay. I expected it. But I want to rebuild my fitness and begin to run again.

Running was bliss for me.

Oh, it was never easy but the moment I would hit a goal I had set myself that morning or when I got home and showered and was drinking my smoothie I always felt so amazing. All those endorphins created such a happy and positive me. It was perfect.

I miss that a lot.

Carly is a twenty-something first time mumma who is trying to move + nourish her body like before. She takes far too many photographs + spends any spare moment blogging. She currently is walking her fitness back until she can run again. Follow her on her blog or tumblr.

Do you want to learn to run? Start right now with a great plan and a community to support you.


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