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You know those people who fake sickness or cramps to get out of sport classes at school? Yep, that was me. My sister was a fantastic netball player, my Dad has always been a brilliant tennis player, my brother was an ace at any sport he tried…and then there was me, a bit chubbier than the rest of the family and clearly the co-ordination gene had skipped me.



I was married not long after school ended (a child bride at 19) and spent the next 12 years pregnant, birthing and caring for my 6 children, never even thinking about exercise or taking care of myself mainly due to sheer exhaustion. When my youngest child was about 9 months old I started to feel like I needed to find something for me and start looking after myself better. I was overweight and terribly unfit and not a great role model for my kids, so I signed up to do a well known 12 week program. Over the next 12 weeks I worked out like a demon, measured everything I ate down to the gram and accounted for every calorie. I lost weight and become fitter but was a pain in the arse to live with. It wasn’t until my 13 year old daughter questioned why I was weighing my food and wanted to weigh herself that I realized what an unhealthy obsession this was becoming and what a bad example I was setting, especially for my 4 daughters.

Whilst the food aspect wasn’t great I had enjoyed the exercise and felt fitter than I ever had in my life so I knew I wanted that part to continue, although it had to fit in around my family. I had seen the Operation Move hash tag pop up in my IG and twitter feed so decide to join up…and finally I had found my place.

The thing I loved instantly about Operation Move was the overwhelming sense of support & encouragement regardless of level of fitness, and that the real focus was on just moving, whatever way, with whatever ability, whenever you could fit it in to your week. Just move!

I’ve joined in challenges, sought advice and been amazingly inspired watching OpMovers achieve their fitness goals. A few months ago, thanks to lots of support & encouragement, I signed up for my first 5km fun run. On the day I was so nervous I thought I would be sick but as soon as I saw some of our Operation Move team mates all that disappeared. I had a ball that day, who knew exercise could be so much fun? I walked, ran, talked, laughed and made some great friendships along the way. Being part of an amazing team made it all the more special and it really hammered home to me that even though we came in all different shapes and sizes we were all healthy and all achieving our fitness goals. My family all came and cheered me along from the sidelines and were so proud, my eldest daughter even uploaded my photo of me finishing to her Facebook account telling all her friends how proud she was of me for running it.

The first thing I did when I got home, after hanging up my medal, was plan out the runs that I’m hoping to complete in 2014. I’m feeling more motivated, inspired, fitter and prouder of myself than I ever have in my life, and I have the Operation Move team to thank for that. My goalposts have moved too, instead of focusing on needing to get a goal weight I’m now training to be able to run 5km without a walking break and after that to run further. Thank you to all you wonderful ladies and gentlemen for support, encouragement , advice and inspiration and for getting this couch potato moving. My family is very grateful too!


Zoey Dowling

Written by: operationmove

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  1. Zoey Dowling

    Nawww goosebumps. Beautiful words from one beautiful lady xxx xxx you're pretty damn inspiring xx

  2. " It wasn’t until my 13 year old daughter questioned why I was weighing my food and wanted to weigh herself that I realized what an unhealthy obsession this was becoming " This ^^^ honestly brought tears to my eyes. So proud of how far you've come Lovely Lady, and have loved getting to know you via opMOVE and IG. Keep moving Kim, you've got this hunny xoxoxox

    • That conversation literally stopped me in my was so not the example I wanted to set for my glad I'm managed to find a heathy balance now, plus who wants to live without chocolate??? Hells no!

  3. Zoey Dowling

    Tears! You are amazing Kim! Can't wait to team up with you at some of those events. x

    • Would love that Lee! I need to get my legs used to much more kilometers first though!

  4. Zoey Dowling

    You're such an inspiration Kim :) One lovely, awesome, courageous inspiring lady xoxo

  5. Fantastic post Kim and very inspiring. Isn't it funny how I bet most of us started to run to lose weight but once we realised how awesome it is to run our focus shifted to running goals? Bloody awesome I think. Our bodies are amazing!

    • So true, our bodies respond to how to treat/use it! Honestly my focus has completely shifted and it's such a better message for my children. Having them want to come run/walk with me it's a reward in itself. x

  6. Awesome effort Kim! I totally understand how you can spend so many years looking after everyone else in your family that you forget about yourself. I've got 5 kids here. I was so worn out at the end of last year after moving house last year that I started getting migraines from stress. I finally realised that I had to look after myself. Booked the littlest ones into a lovely neighbourhood childcare centre for two hours twice a week and I've been spending that time running. It's the best stress reliever!

    • So fantastic Alex! I am such a better Mum when I take the time out for me, it's a shame it took so long for me to realize how important it really is. I find I really need that time out to de-stress, clear my head & just breathe! xx

  7. I can relate to raising children and not thinking about my health enough. I only have 5 :) but for 14 years I was a mother only. It hit me only when my babies weaned and my arms were not as full.

    • I completely get that Kym, my youngest is now 2 and while I miss that infant period I am so grateful to finally have a little bit of indepence and time back. Well as much as I can carve out for myself amongst the madness!

  8. Beautiful story! I love this! 6 children, you are awesome!!

    • Thank you, I've been so inspired by all the opmove team. Keeps me moving!

  9. What an inspiration! Keep up the great work. Running is addictive :)

    • I never ever imagined I would be a runner...but it's awesome! x

  10. Zoey Dowling

    You are such an inspiration! Can't wait to celebrate that unbroken 5k with you! You're all over it!

    • Thanks Jo, I foresee us achieving lots of goals together this year! So exciting! xx

  11. Zoey Dowling

    Excellent story Kim! I got goosebumps reading it as well. What an awesome role model you are for your children :D

    • That is so sweet Rach, I adore being a mum to this crazy bunch and Being able to run around with them and teach them healthy eating habits is so important to me. Big changes from a former fast food junkie/couch potato!

  12. <3 <3 So inspirational. Looking forward to cheering you along this year as you kick all your goals xx

  13. Zoey Dowling

    So amazing and inspirational. a great role model not only to your kids but to other mums. can't wait to run with you this year some time!!!

    • I would love that Meisha! Thank you for your lovely message, raising kids in today's society is so freakin terrifying, there are so many horrible body image messages thrown at them everyday (plus all the other stuff) ! I just feel like its so important to show them what healthy is truly about, I am far from perfect but that's ok because no one is perfect!

  14. Good on you, such inspiration right there, finding time, feeling good, it makes the rest more enjoyable too. Look forward to seeing more successes.

    • Who knew exercise could make everything in life just feel easier? Seems like such a simple thing and yet for years it didn't even occur to me! A little slow on the uptake perhaps ;)

  15. looking good Kim and well done! Wishing you the best for 2014 and what everyone else said except for tears and goosebumps I don't do that shiz ;-)

  16. Thanks Flash, fo reals not one single goosebump? Dude that was my best work! xx

    • now that xx gives me tingles AND goosebumps *bows* ;-)

  17. Oops, bit late to the party! Beautifully written Kim. I feel proud to have shared that first 5km with you and thanks to you and Jo for making it so much easier. Definitely wouldn't have done it without you guys! X

  18. I can see parts of myself in you Kim. Thank you for sharing your truly inspirational story....