By no means do I call myself a ‘runner’, but I can run… for 90-180 second stretches at any rate!

(Ed – Katie, you are a runner. Just sayin’! Love Kate)

I couldn’t even go close to calling myself a poster child for ‘C25K’ seeing as I only did 3 days before ditching the program and just running on my own.

But I am also no longer a poster child for the ‘what not to do’ club!

That means I have started and starting is the first step out of Failure and into Success!


Sucess is a long time in the making! Over the last 15 months I have had many Operation Move successes and failures.

Sep ’12 – 300min of my 600min goal

Oct ’12 – 380min of my 900min goal

Nov ’12 – 330min of my 400min goal

Dec ’12 – Total fail! I pulled out as I was over run by ‘other’ things.

Jan ’13 – 300min of my 700min goal

Feb ’13 – 408min of my 760min goal, before badly spraining my ankle.

Mar ’13 – goal of 400 minutes, I am not sure what I did but ankle recovery meant not much.

Apr ’13 – 45 min of my 600min goal – more ankle excuses, when I really could have tried harder.

May ’13 – Stepped out for this month – ankle still sore and life just gets in the way sometimes.

Jun ’13 – Another month out of the Move, although I started on the MyBlackmores program.

Jul ’13 – 45min of my 500min goal.

Aug ’13 – 240min of my 600min goal.

Sep ’13 – I set myself a goal this month to do as much as I could and reached 750min!

Oct ’13 – October’s goal was to better September, and I smashed it with a 950min total!!!

Nov ’13 – 1120 of 1000min my moving goal SMASHED IT! and 10kms of my 20km’s run training goal!

Dec ’13 – Goal of 1000 minutes again and lets say 30kms


As you can see a lot more failures than successes.

June saw the oportunity for me to join some OpMovers in a quest for health and weightloss with MyBlackmores. Since then I have had more successes and failures.

I have lost a total of 56cm’s and 11.4kg! I have also gone up some weeks and down others, the worst of all was over the October school holidays where I gained 3.2kg. I have since very proudly lost that and more.

In the 15 months since Kate started Operation Move, I have been inspired, loved, supported, celebrated and have inspired, loved, supported, celebrated and admired all the other Movers.

No more so than the weekend that saw 10 (or so) of them run in the Melbourne Running Festival. The group was a flurry of excitement, as we all struggled to get the online tracking program to work and wait for each other to post race updates, and watch as our amazing, fantabulous, spectactular moving buddies crossed the finish line in the 10km, Half Marathon and Marathon courses.

Oh, how we all wished we could be there to celebrate with them in person! Many of us have pledged to make it next year, myself included. Although I’m only aiming to complete the 10km event, you never know what the team will inspire me to do next. Just look at what we have achieved together so far!

I have signed up for my first ever ‘running’ event where I actually expect to run the whole distance; the 5km event at the Cadbury Marathon in January. We all have to start somewhere right?

As a final word:

I didn’t even know about KateSaysStuff until someone in the Twittersphere told me about Operation Move in September 2012. I joined up in the first month because, well, I needed a kick up the rear! I have since made many new online friends whom I hope to meet and share some awesome moments with in the future.

All of those people have supported me through my realisation of depression, my weightloss and moving journeys and also quite a few parenting and life nightmare moments.

So Kate, THANK YOU. I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for you and your moving inspired dream. Thanks to all the wonderful movers who have come and gone over the last 15 months, without you this movement would not have grown to where it is now, and inspired so many to achieve things they never imagined they could!

And finally, THANK YOU ALL, because…..


And with a little motivation, support and inspiration, I know you can find your own moving rhythm, so why not come and join us?!

xxx Katie


Katie is a mother of 3 living in her own little world located in Northern Tasmania. She blogs over at Syrenex every now and then where she shares whatever she feels needs to come out of her head at the time. A little bit of a lot of things and a lot of a few things, her life as mother, wife, artist, seamstress, and whatever else takes her fancy on a day to day basis. She can also be found lurking all over the interwebs in her undies! She has a firey heart and soul and tries to make everything she does sound much more interesting than it actually is and fails miserably at it.


Zoey Dowling

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  1. Zoey Dowling

    I love your story Katie!! You are indeed a runner. I don't see failures up there, I see someone who kept trying and succeeded! Look at those smashed goals!!! You rock

  2. Nice Katie! - I did get confused by Kate and Katie - so was wondering what this post was about :D Really good to see how you have just got better at this moving gig and looking forward to your 5K result in Jan! A

  3. <3 <3 <3 Marvellous! You are such an inspiring person, and I cannot wait to see the photos of your grinning face as you cross the finish line in January!

  4. Zoey Dowling

    Excellent stuff Katie :) I agree with Jo - as long as you are getting back out and moving there is no failure. Congratulations on the weight and cm's you have lost as well. You can run and you are a runner! :D

  5. Beautiful written and moving ( no pun intended ) story. Xx

  6. Katie I don't see failure all I see is that someone just kept on trying and moving until they found what was working for them. I've been quiet for the last month, and I don't see that as a failure I see it as a chance to regroup and see what I want to do next. Harvest is always hard. I've already set some new goals for January and cant wait to get started. Goodluck for your 5km in January.

  7. Zoey Dowling

    Those numbers are awesome! All the best for January - you'll ace it! Xxx

  8. Zoey Dowling

    Love your work Katie!! Can't wait to hear about your 5k. I reckon you'll be hooked! x