Hi I’m Sara.

I’m a mother of 1 (nearly 3 year old Worm). A wife (to the Farmer). A full time career agricultural banker and I’m Me. 

I believe in setting time for yourself in every busy day – be that the quiet coffee break, sitting watching your favourite TV show or soaking in a hot bath. 5, 10, 50 or more minutes of pure ME time. 

I was raised as an only child. Maybe that’s why I relish my quiet time so much? All I know is that special quiet alone time is so important to my revitalisation & makes me be a better mother/wife/banker/whatever hat I have on in the moments before & after my me time. 

Maybe that quest for the alone time has led me to exercise? You see I am also a triathlete. The hours I spend on my bike, pounding the concrete running or counting those tiles at the bottom of the swimming pool are vital. 

I started triathlon seriously just after my world had fallen apart (well in hindsight it hadn’t, but it felt that way at the time). I had just moved 2500km from SA to Queensland, started a new job & relocated my whole family in a quest for the good life for all of us. 

It certainly was the good life. The weather, the lifestyle & the friends we made led me ultimately into triathlon. This is a rather long winded introduction but stick with me… I’m sure I’ll get somewhere eventually (maybe).

You see I’m starting to believe that my love of triathlon has resulted from my love of quiet time… Or perhaps the need to simply get away from the normality of life?

This leads me in some weird tangent to my lastest maybe goal. It’s still a maybe goal as I honestly don’t know if I even want to go there yet…. It’s a maybe goal because if I do achieve it I’m scared about what I think I want to do next…… It’s a maybe goal because I’ve looked at my training plan and am wondering how I’ll fit it all in. 

My maybe goal is the Adelaide Marathon….. 24th August 2014….. 14 weeks away. 

I’ve got 8 weeks to decide if my maybe goal can become a reality when I purchase my race entry (or don’t)

I’m so very pleased to be sharing my journey with the OpMove crew – I’ve seen some of you achieve the biggest of big scary goals, and each & every one of you overcome the battle of everyday life just for that piece of ‘me’ time. Let’s see what I end up deciding. 

My maybe goal will maybe happen in 

13 weeks 2 days & 9 hours

Zoey Dowling

Written by: operationmove

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  1. Zoey Dowling

    How exciting Sara! I love watching other people go after their big scary goals. It's the most motivating, incredible thing to watch. Good luck with the decision!

  2. Thanks Jo! I'm terrified by this one- half marathons are 'almost' easy but a full will involve me making even more time for training & I know it's going to hurt!

  3. Love this Sara. As someone who really enjoys triathlon, I took on the Melbourne marathon in October 2012. (My first marathon) Best thing I ever did! You'll love it. No pressure though :)

  4. Ha Ha, I can totally relate to that maybe feeling. We're gonna do it though. I'm quietly confident. But I'm not telling any of my friends! lol. But then that's the benefit of this community. :)

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