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WeLoveSleep Logo_AUWhen I started running, I read that rest days were an important part of the schedule.

Pfffffft, I thought. That makes no sense. To get better at running, you need to run more surely? So I ignored the wisdom of people who actually have some clues and I pushed my body as hard as I could. Unsurprisingly, it pushed back with injury and illness. Huh.

The thing with working out a lot, is that the rest time is when the muscle development actually happens. You move and stretch and pull and push your muscles, and then while you rest them they adapt and get stronger so you can do it all over again.

And the most important rest is sleep.

In those eight or so hours of shut eye, not only are your muscles recovering but your brain is doing some crucial catch up work as well. That restorative period is what allows you to start over each day. I’m sure we’ve all experienced that workout which has just been so much harder than it should due to lack of sleep… By giving your body and mind the recovery time it needs, you can train harder and stronger for better results.

In a nutshell: to get better, rest better. Perfect sense.

One way to help improve your quality of sleep is with the right bedding. Over the past few weeks I’ve been trialling a Tempur Cloud Pillow and it has made a big difference to how I feel when I wake up.

I’ve had cheap and nasty pillows for ages, so the difference between those and my new Cloud pillow is remarkable. The weight and density of the foam took me by surprise, but waking having had my neck and head fully supported in all the right places has been noticeably different, and I’ve been raving about it!

Given that I don’t actually get a whole lot of sleep (thanks kids), I want the sleep I do get to be fabulous and it has certainly been more so since I switched to the Tempur pillow.

You can see a clip about the importance of kids getting good sleep here, as well as checking out We Love Sleep (because we do, we really really do.)

Tempur Comfort Cloud Pillow_1

Do you want to experience sleeping on a Cloud for yourself? We’re giving away one Tempur Cloud pillow valued at $199!

To enter, please use the form below and leave a comment telling us your best tip for a good nights sleep.

Good luck!

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Zoey Dowling

Written by: operationmove

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  1. Zoey Dowling

    Best tip for a good nights sleep? Have the kids sleep at a different house!

  2. Zoey Dowling

    My best sleep tip is to go to bed at the same time every night! Routine really helps

  3. Getting up early for a run makes me sleep like a baby that night!

  4. Tip for a good night's sleep? Every hour before midnight counts for 2 so go to bed early! (I am the worst at this!)

  5. My tip for a good night's sleep is to sneak away to a BnB for the night and leave the kids with nan and pop! 6 hours of solid sleep and no early wake up call - bliss!

  6. Unwinding with a good book always helps me nod off easily but honestly just having two young kids to wear me out is enough to get a solid 7-8 hours :)

  7. Relaxing before going to sleep, like reading a great book.

  8. My tip is to have a bottle of water next to the bed, given I'm feeding a little one during the night I feel much better if I have a drink after feeds the. I don't feel as dehydrated in the morning.

  9. My tip is to take a holiday, run all the kids ragged on the beach and fall asleep just after dark because you made them stay awake doing things ALLL Day... you can hope that means a full night's sleep right? Also kick husbands out of the bed because they just irritate you right when you are drifting off!

  10. When I wake up in the middle of the night (and I do!) I don't stress about getting back to sleep, I just relax, go to a happy place in my head and enjoy the fact that I'm still getting to rest. And even when I don't get enough sleep (ha!) I still feel better if I've rested compared to stressing about not sleeping. I also highly recommend reading David K Randall's "Dreamland" which is a fascinating look at sleep and dreaming.

  11. A cuddle with hubby always results in a good night's sleep.

  12. Fresh air - I always have the window open a little always help with getting to sleep

  13. Read all the comments here, pick what you think will work best for you and give it ago....if it fails choose another suggestion. The answer IS out there just a matter of finding the right one for you.

  14. I always sleep really well the days I wake early and exercise, or spend at least an hour outdoors. It is a luxury I know but being outside during the day makes me sleeeepy......

  15. Don't snack late and clear your mind before bed!

  16. Exercising early on in the day always ensures a good nights sleep for me.

  17. No caffeine after lunch, ensure your bedroom is your sanctuary, limit the use of electronic devices so you can switch off to sleep!

  18. Being as relax as possible makes for a restful nights sleep

  19. Correct temperature which suits such as air-conditioning, fan, heater or nothing otherwise you'll toss & turn all night.

  20. I read my assigned reading for uni in bed, sure fire way to fall asleep as soon as my head hits my pillow!

  21. Turn off the internet, keep calm, control your TEMPUR and play "Need For SLEEP!"

  22. Kick the Hubby out so you can have the whole bed to stretch out and really relax ;-)

  23. STAY SINGLE! But that's no fun. So here am I awoken by a steam train (hubby) every night around one.

  24. When we moved house, I banned all electronic devices from our bedroom. No TV, ipad, phones etc, NONE! The difference has been amazing...our sleep has improved dramatically. Though, I'll hazard a guess here and add, that super lux looking pillow could be all I need to push me through to a "perfect" night sleep ;-)

  25. Chamomile tea before bed puts you to sleep for the whole night. Thanks

  26. Notepad by the bed - you don't have to worry about forgetting things you've thought of. Also good for coming up with ways of silencing your husband's snores (note, pillow over face doesn't work. He may wake up and think you're trying to kill him. Lots of explaining cuts into your sleep time.)

  27. I read for about an hour before sleep and find it helps me to sleep right through the night

  28. Mine is to take night time rest vitamins and loads of water through the day!

  29. a little lavender sachet in your pillow case as well bit of exercise before going to bed and reading a book to relax before sleep (dont make it too good a book or you wont get good night sleep as you wont be able to put it down too sleep) if that dont work put on the cricket sends me to sleep all time

  30. Never have a big eat before bed as thats the time the stomach needs to rest, not be at work digesting food!

  31. My best tip for a good nights sleep s not to have to much sugar or caffeing in the hours before bed makes sleeping diffucult

  32. My tip for a good night sleep is... Take a few minutes before sleep time to bring peace to your mind and heart by... Never going to bed with anger eating at you .....its important to forgive others and yourself. Think of a kindness given or received and this will surely make you feel good inside and with that thought take a few deep deep breaths and you are on your way to a beautiful nights sleep.

  33. I go to bed and turn my brain off. When it starts to wander to all the things I need to do I stop and refocus on relaxing.

  34. Don't go to bed angry and have a comfortable bed and bedding for ultimate relaxation.