we first make our habits, and then our habits make us
I’m not big on motivation and the last two weeks are a perfect example of why I’m not. I have really very little interest in running or crossfit or lifting or really movement of any kind. I’m just not that into it. Don’t get me wrong, I always feel great afterwards. But I never want to do it to start off with. And I kind of dread it the night before. But still, pretty much every morning (barring a few instances of allowing myself a pyjama day) I get up and I do it. Because that is what I do. And that is what I have done for the last few years. It’s not will power or determination, it’s just habit.

It’s also the knowledge that the things that give me the greatest sense of contentment are usually things that I’m not overly keen on doing at the time. Like cleaning the house. I freaking hate doing that. But it gives me a great sense of peace and accomplishment when it’s done. Running is a bit like that too. You might feel like arse when you are getting out of bed at 5am, but you always feel awesome afterwards.

So don’t think that you need motivation to start something, or finish something. You don’t, you just need to start creating a habit. Because then even when you are having a few weeks like I’m having, the force of habit takes over – it’s like auto-pilot I don’t really even think about it that much. If you can’t love it, you can still love it done.

And that’s where I am at the moment. Loving it done is about the best I can do. And auto-pilot will save me until I get back to normal. And I’m sure it’s just around the corner.

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Zoey Dowling

Written by: Zoey Dowling

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  1. This is where I am...beginning to establish the habit of moving more than I sit every day, so thanks for your candid comments Zoe. It helps me...and I've had the 'sniff' of those 'feeling pleased' times that you speak of. I've heard it takes 7 years to establish a habit, but I need to fast-track this. I'm 64 next month and time has concertina-ed.