I’ve not been feeling the best lately. A bout of illness coupled with general malaise left me moping about and feeling sorry for myself; something I am just as good at as anybody else despite what I show the internet most of the time.

This has happened a few times since I started moving regularly a couple of years ago… Periods of doing less and either allowing my body and mind to recover from something, or just giving in to the excuses that I’m usually so great at kicking to the kerb.

The first time I had so much guilt. I was worried that it was the beginning of the end… The slide back into inactivity that had happened every time I’d started something before. And it could easily have been, if I’d not had my team behind me.

Since then I’ve realised that every now and again I need some down time. A few days, even a week of dropping all my activity and giving over to the rest and recovery my body needs. It is a strength rather than a weakness, and I will come back with renewed vigour and determination.

But having people waiting for me to do so is the key. If it were just me, it would be so easy to just wait one more day… to put it off again and again. You’ve done that before too, haven’t you? Allowed an illness or injury to end a fantastic new moving habit, instead of just interrupt it?

Knowing that I am answerable to other people has been the most important part of my journey so far… And it has been quite a journey.


I’m so grateful to my crew for the sympathy when I’ve been genuinely unwell, along with the cup of concrete even when I felt it wasn’t what I needed (because it was, I was just making excuses). It has been more than 18 months together for some of us now, doesn’t that blow you away? But whether you are new to our crew or have been kicking around as long as I have, you are welcome and you will get back from us whatever you ask for and need.

You might want to start out with structured support, and we are so happy to be able to offer you Learn to Run, Run Club, Customised Training and ongoing Far and Fast running coaching. Maybe you just want to hang in the group for a bit and make yourself at home, and we love that too. Or perhaps just reading here and checking out our newsletter each week is all the commitment you want, and if that’s your thing that is great too.

However you choose to use OpMove, just make it count. Let it be the thing that keeps you going when you can’t be stuffed, or the place you come to when you need some support or advice.

That’s what a team can do for you. I love my team so much, and I think you will too.

Zoey Dowling

Written by: operationmove

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