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Sometimes, despite our best intentions, we don’t quite hit the mark. We fall short.

When we fail to hit the mark we have two options.

We can beat ourselves up. Tell ourselves we are a failure. That we aren’t clever, disciplined, athletic, strong, good or fit enough. Or that we aren’t worthy of trying in the first place.

Or we can keep things in perspective and keep a positive mindset.

Verbalising a goal in the first place is a courageous thing to do. Congratulate yourself for making this first step.

If you got part way to reaching your goal celebrate how far you got.

We can acknowledge that life genuinely gets in the way some times. Illnesses happen and are not a sign of weakness. The best thing to do when you are sick is rest. When your children are ill, they need you. When work is crazy, you might be best served to focus on that for a few days. It’s okay. It happens. Just make sure that putting yourself and your exercise to the side for the short term doesn’t become the long term. You deserve this time to take care of yourself.

Stop comparing yourself to others. Only you live the life you do with its particular responsibilities, challenges, resources. Comparing yourself to others is a pointless exercise as we are all so different to begin with.

Practice self compassion. If you are feeling a bit disappointed with your efforts for the month, think what a caring friend would say to you and say it to yourself. It’s not making excuses, it’s treating ourselves with the respect we all deserve.

So there’s no need to be your own worst enemy and berate yourself if you fall short of your goals. Negative self talk can have the effect of de-motivating us and if we don’t keep it in check we are at risk of completely self sabotaging and giving up all together.

Of course take some time to see what you’d do differently next time, but don’t over think it and let it go.

If you are feeling disappointed give yourself a hug and a peptalk, look towards the future and have another crack next month.

Zoey Dowling

Written by: operationmove

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  1. Zoey Dowling

    Great post Lee! I decided that if I wouldn't say those negative things to my daughter (if she had fallen short of her goal) - I have no right to speak to myself that way either. Stops me straight away. Although, of course, I have done all of these things before and it's not as often these days x

  2. Zoey Dowling

    Fantastic! I really needed to read this right now. I have a lot going on just now plus an ankle injury that I am recovering from and so I haven't been out walking let alone running and my goals seem to be moving further out of reach than ever. Part of me is starting to slide back into my old ways of thinking that it's not worth it, why bother. I am determined not to let that happen though. I will come back and read this again and again if needed! Thanks Lee x

  3. Brilliant Lee! Thanks for the reminder :)