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Standing in the shower, looking down at my feet I had a thought. The former Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson was no runner.

Why did I think this?

Do you remember the picture in 1992 of Fergie getting her toes sucked? There was old John noshing on her feet like a starving man, nom nom nom.

So hawt.

You see, if Fergie was a runner, he would NOT be anywhere near that part of her body. Let alone pretending her tootsies were a melting Paddle Pop.

There are some special qualities about runners and a badge of honour has to be the disgusting feet that come with hours of pounding pavement.

I like to keep mine covered constantly with polish, but eventually it has got to come off and that’s when I see the little gems hiding beneath this seasons pastels.

There are blackened nails on my right foot, bits of loose skin next to another nail and somehow those that are not black have gone white. I know other OpMovers have lost nails, split nails, strapped bunions and cut off blisters the size of saucers.

The other day I saw a link of runner’s feet on my FaceBook feed and vomited a little in my mouth. These haunting images made Frodo’s feet look desirable.

Sexy. So, so sexy.

So I have given up on a life of being a desired toe suckee, foot model or going out without nail polish, gutted. But you know what, being able to run a half marathon will do me just fine.


Emily, who has 70 nail polishes in her collection, likes to dabble in the occasional sweaty shuffle and this year is aiming for 4 half marathons wearing her OpMove top with pride each time. She also talks a bit of bollocks over at Mrs Sabbatical.


Zoey Dowling

Written by: operationmove

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  1. Food for thought - I had black toe nails, flat and feet that were not just unsightly but horrible. Then I discovered running. Now I have a nice arch, no more black nails, the smoothest and softest feet imaginable. Run free, run barefoot. Experience natural exfoliation and re-modeling at its divine best.

    • Zoey Dowling

      Sounds amazing Flash..... so why were you looking at the clown shoes, aka Hoka's, when barefoot give you these amazing models feet? Am jealous. More importantly where is the #ashulsHotFeetofInstagram feed ; )

      • Curiosity got me looking at the coral clown shoes :-) The world isn't ready for the #ashulsfeetofinstagram as there are no legs to match with it! This is where #stephsfeetofinstagram is in its element and I am working towards that high bar!

  2. Zoey Dowling

    I have pretty delish feet by anyone's standards, if I dare say so myself! My only black toe nail was caused by my daughter standing on my big toe about 30 minutes after the Melbourne Marathon. That was by far the most excruciating that happened that day. Mind you, it's still black, so no French polishing for me just yet. :)