I’m a big believer in glory walls. In fact I have TWO. One is my medal display, and the other is my bibs which are on a different wall. Although quick note: if you are doing this – do what I didn’t do and laminate them. When we moved, not all of them made it off the wall in one piece.

I’m such a believer in glory walls, that it’s one of our key challenges in the Learn to Run program. This is because it is easy for things not to feel important, or for them to lose their context, or for you to minimise their value if they aren’t on show. In the old house I had this rack in the kitchen, which is where I spend the most time so I when I am in the everyday routine of everything I’m being continually reminded of the things that I have done outside the ordinary. The brutally hard things, the epically out of reach things, the fun social things, the joyful things and everything in between.

On days when I’m feeling like I’m failing at most things, there is a tangible reminder of what I’m capable of. What you are capable of is about so much more than running.

See that shoelace that I used to hang it up? That’s the lace out of the shoes I wore at my ultra on the Gold Coast. And the medal rack was a gift to me from a certain special someone who is training for her second marathon. Surrounding yourself with things that have meaning, breathes life into your passion and will remind you of what’s important when you need to be reminded.

The medal rack is getting a little bit full now, which is a testament to my keenness for bling in general, as well as my running! And Medal Displays have asked me if I might need a second one now, which is pretty ace of them! They would also love to give one to a member of the Operation Move community too which is even more fantastic. They have a huge range so you can pick something that is meaningful to you.

To enter, it’s really simple!

Leave a comment with which medal display you would love and why (most creative answer as judged by our Operation Move coaches and mentors will be named the winner!)
We would also love it if you would head over to the Medal Displays facebook page, and like them over there so you get notified of some of the great promotions they have too.

Entries close on the 31st March and the winner will be notiifed by email.

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Zoey Dowling

Written by: operationmove

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  1. "Fear no distance" sings to me! With every new distance acheived, the next has seemed acheivable. I can track my journey over the past 9 months with medals for 1 x 7.5km, 2 x 10km, 2 x 15km, 1 x 21.2km (so far!). In the next 6 months I plan to add 1 x 20km, 2 x 21.2km, 1 x 26km and my crowning glory of 42.2km. All that wonderful bling deserves a home my lovelier than my current coat hanger set up!

  2. My very 1st run was the 75th City to Surf in Sydney. I trained for a few months before hand but I had never been a runner. I never ever thought i could do it. But I ran for my Dad who was dying from Cancer at the time. At the 1km mark I thought crap no way am i going to make it but I just kept going. When i reached the top of Bondi and looked down and seen the end I knew then i was going to make it. I cried at the end but I even cried more when I showed my 1st ever medal to my Dad. He was so proud.

    • I would love to display my now many medals on a Dream Believe Achieve medal display

  3. I would love an Athletics medal display. As a coach of twenty aspiring little athletes it's easy to get consumed in their progress. Brig an example to them is equally as important - I too am a believer in glory walls. My children have them, but I don't! Ps thanks for the tip about the bibs. I will take my daughters down and laminate!

  4. Becoming a mum was the hardest, most lovely and most heartbreaking thing I have ever done. Learn to run gave me the gift of fitness and balance for me. Now I run with all the passion, emotion, tiredness, selfishness, love and endurance that being a mum gives me daily. And I am proud of that. So, my favourite has to be "I run like a mum"

  5. Dream, Believe, Acheive this describes my Operation Move journey. I dreamed that a 50 something woman could learn to run. I believed in my body's ability so signed up to Learn to Run in May 2016. I achieved my dream by now regularly running in 10km events. I only have a few medals so far but I am inspired to gain more, having something like this to hang them on would be awesome!

  6. I am currently training for my first half marathon in May and would love one of these to kick start my glory wall

  7. I love the "believe" one, simply because once upon a time I didn't believe I could even run, let alone do 5ks, before Learn to Run, & now I'm believing I can do 21ks!

  8. Dream Believe Achieve for me. Every step of my running progress has started with me dreaming (wishing really) and then doing a little bit and gradually realising that I can do this. I went from couch to 5km to becoming a parkrun regular, 10km, 20km and 30km Coastrek yesterday. There is a little something starting to grow in my mind and heart about what's next and I'm so excited about being a runner. Me, a runner! I'd never have believed it.

  9. I love the dream believe achieve one. Such a positive message, and the whole idea behind why I joined Operation Move is to set in motion positive new life changes. I have a nice spot on my bedroom wall, just opposite my side of the bed. So I could start each day & finish each day thinking about my journey to fitness. I currently have 1 medal to hang and one coming in the mail soon.

  10. I love the Always earned. Never given. one as that's the lesson I'm learning from running. Even though I'm starting a program and learning, I am earning every bead of sweat, blister, new tan line and sore muscle, just as much as the medal hanging on my door handle.

  11. I believed in my dream to make running an integral part of my life. I love what I have achieved, and more. So Dream, Believe, Achieve is my choice 💜

  12. I literally just came home with my first ever medal from my first fun run! and saw this post, it must be fate! I have left the event contemplating my next event. I never ran or joined such events because I felt I was too fat and too slow. My biggest enemy in these events is myself, I normally stick to team sports for this very reason. I was so inspired by some of the people I saw finishing the 10km event that I have a new found courage to continue to push on with running and see where I end up. To have BELIEVE with my medal (and soon to be more) would be great to keep my focus and push even harder!!

  13. Fear of no Distance I love this because running got me through my anxiety and now I have no fear of running the distance, it's been very rewarding to cross the finish line 😊

  14. Every run I enter I've trained hard for so I know I can give it my best. 'Always earned. Never given' is exactly what I feel when I cross the finish line. Makes me proud of me!

  15. My son has the always earned never given medal holder he's 8 and it's nearly full. My daughter zoe is 6 this year and she is following in her big brothers foot steps she already as 4 medals that need displaying ild love her to win the dream believe achieve one. Ild love her to look up at her desplay and be proud of what she has achieved and grow into a strong positive believer and knows she can achieve things that she puts her mind too.

  16. Dream Believe Achieve is definitely my motivation for my first marathon in July. I am honestly petrified of running so far but I want that medal hanging on my wall and the knowledge that I have achieved something that I have dreamed of since I started running.

  17. "Dream, Believe, Achieve" are three values I am trying to instill in my children. My daughter especially who has started collecting medals from various sport and school achievements needs that constant daily reminder that she can achieve anything if she dreams big and believes in herself! I would love to win this for her to put up on her wall so she can see this message every day!

  18. The name says it all. - Dream about doing it. - Believe in yourself and and take action to make it happen. - Achieve what you set out to do. Motivation enough through only 3 words. Anything can be achieved if you set your mind to it and how self satisfying is that feeling upon achieving!!!!

  19. I would love the dream, believe, achieve display to match my kids. They are 5 and 7 and have half filled their displays. Since having the kids I haven't been very active but they inspire me every day to get moving. I have a long way to go but I would like to have my own display to show my kids that we can all achieve great things.

  20. I lost 75kgs, then i completed a Spartan race, i went from a person who was to fat to tie her shoe laces, had to use velcro, to a person who ran, climbed and wiggled through mud.I have now completed a few more races, but my first race deserves to be on display, i earnt that medal...

  21. "Fear no distance" speaks the loudest to me. I turn 40 this year, and rather than 2017 being my year I am going August 2017 to August 2018 and I plan to fill that medal holder with success. Eye on the prize for my 40th year, fitter, faster, stronger.

  22. Dream, Believe, Achieve. I have Alopecia Universalis (no hair anywhere on my body). It took me a long time to be brave enough to go out without a wig. This slogan helped me to be confident enough to do so and I now have it tattooed on the back of my bald head. Two years ago at age 58, I dared to dream that I could run a half marathon. Dream, Believe, Achieve was my mantra and I did complete the race.

  23. Jade Chandler

    'Believe' for me, as it is the one thing I need to remember to do. Believe in myself just as much as I believe in others. Classic nurse mentality to put yourself last!

  24. "Dream Believe Achieve" Actually entering for my coach, who went from playing along side us to coaching us the next year - not an easy task. She decided to take up triathlon as it 'is easier on the joints' than netball. She would have to one of the best if not the best coach I have ever had. She is organised, motivated, dedicated and a great role model.