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Breakfast. The most important meal of the day. Fact.

Yet so many of us are still not eating breakfast. Why?

Common excuses include not having enough time, not being hungry and not liking cereal or toast.

How long does it take to make a smoothie? I’m guessing the same amount of time it takes to trawl Facebook first thing in the morning. So put down the phone and pull out the blender.

Not hungry after more than 12 hours without food? Madness – shove something small down your gob. Even a banana will suffice. Your body needs food, just make sure it’s good food rather than convenience food.

Agreed, cereal and toast are hardly appetising. However there are so many other delicious and healthy choices out there. Wheat-free pancakes with blueberry sauce anyone?

Why should we – especially those of us who do a lot of moving – be eating breakfast?

It helps gives your metabolism a boost.

It gives you energy and that all-important fuel to see you through the morning.

Countless research has shown that eating breakfast can aid in weight-loss as it kicks your metabolism into gear (providing you eat a healthy balanced meal) and those who eat breakfast are less inclined to reach for a high-energy/sugary snack mid-morning when the hunger pains really settle in.

Your ability to concentrate improves as well as your memory after eating a morning meal. Think about how you feel when you are really hungry – it’s hard to concentrate on anything else right? Eat breakfast.

I’ve always eaten breakfast – I’m one of those people who will just wake up hungry. On Saturdays I have two breakfasts; a pre-run breakfast (usually banana on toast) and a post-run breakfast (scrambled eggs and veggies). I freaking love breakfast and eggs. Especially eggs.

During the week however I mix it up a little. I either have oats, pancakes, eggs, a smoothie or some wanky combination Pete “activated almonds” Evans would be proud of.

If you truly are pressed for time – I mean who the hell isn’t these days – try making overnight oats. It’s easy, delicious and nutritious.


Overnight Oats

1 airtight container or for hipster-cred a jar

½ cup of oats or quinoa flakes

Any fruit of your choice – I prefer banana and frozen mixed berries

1 tbsp chia seeds

A drizzle of agave syrup or other natural sweetener

½ cup of your milk of choice – I use unsweetened almond milk

Pop all of the above into your jar or container give it a big stir, put the lid on and bang it in the fridge overnight.

Wake up, grab a spoon, stumble over to the fridge, take jar/ container out and voila – instant delicious breakfast! You can also heat your overnight oats in the microwave if you prefer a hot breakfast. I personally like to do so.

Overnight oats are also perfect if you tend to eat your breakfast at your desk – something I seem to do at least once per week.

Another easy and yummy breakfast is the smoothie bowl which I thought was a ridiculous concept until I tried it. I was pleasantly surprised.

Below is just a suggestion – feel free to use your favourite smoothie recipe and whatever toppings you like. Keep in mind it works better with a thick smoothie – you don’t want it too thin. Also make sure your toppings are nutritious!


Smoothie Bowl (aka doing Pete Evans and all the clean-eating Instagrammers proud)


1 Banana

1 large handful of frozen mixed berries

1 handful of kale

2 tbsp almond milk

1tsp coconut oil


¼ cup of chocolate activated buckinis

¼ cup activated buckinis

1 tablespoon chia seeds

For the smoothie pop all of the ingredients into a blender, thermomix or food processor until it reaches a smooth consistency.

Pour into a bowl and top with the toppings. Enjoy.

If you’re still not convinced with the merits of eating breakfast just give it a crack for a week, I promise you’ll feel much better for it.

Have you got a favourite breakfast on-the-go recipe? Let us know in the comments.


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Zoey Dowling

Written by: operationmove

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  1. Zoey Dowling

    I love overnight oats! No excuses with that in the fridge! My other fave is a smoothie or just some yoghurt, dash of honey, chia seeds and banana. Keeps me going for ages

  2. Thinks she should buy Chia seeds, because it appears to be EVERYWHERE and I have never had them before!